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I have known Rick for over eight years, in that time I have owned three of Rickís dog. My boy Bismarck who pasted this year was eight years and three months old, his sire (his father) was sixteen when he passed. Rick is my mentor and a friend, like Greg said Rick knows his dog and cares about them. Pualm you recommend going to Pheasant Hollow Boxers, but their line came out of Jacquet Boxers as well as many other breeders in the NY/NJ area. Rick is a guy who cares a lot about his boxer and treats them like they are his kids, going to show I have seen some things for some breeders that I would never buy or breed with one of their dog. At several show I have seen this one breeder hit their dogs, one time after one of their bitch went after my bitch Juno(with females this happens a lot) my handler told this person that they need to keep better control of their dog. So what does this person do hits the dog right in the face, now if thatís what they do at a dog show what do they do back in their kennel. This is why people say go to the shows and get to know the breeders and their dogs as well as their pedigree. Now this post was not about Jacquet Boxer but Erin Boxers if you want to know more about them you should contact them and the NJ Boxer Club for more answer. Yes their website is not good and they should either update it or just take it down, I feel a bad website does more to hurt your business then having no website at all.
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