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Originally Posted by greg
well i look at it this way, say a three year old bitch passes all the health test with flying colors and is bred and all the puppies are healthy then a year or two down the road that same bitch develops a problem of some sort, i've seen it happen so many times, then the puppy that you bought came from a parent with a known health problem, rick knows about the health of his dogs as he probably owned the great great great grand parents of his breeders, he has been breeding for a long time, and he knows the health of his bloodlines, if there was any known health problems i know rick would not breed the bitch or dog, i had one of ricks dogs he was 90 lbs ripped and he lived to be 13 years old and i never had to take him to the vet once only for routine shots.
so you are saying Rick doesn't need to health test his dogs anymore because the original bitch was health tested and passed with flying colors? isn't there a possibility of a puppy developing a health problem even though the parents, even grandparents were healthy?

I think the best and safest thing would be to health test EVERY bitch and stud before breeding.

Just curious and sharing my opinion!
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