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Can I tell you that you guys are the most awesome people anywhere!!! You have made me feel so much better just being able to vent. I woke up in the night thinking you all would think that I was a complete idiot and self-pitying drama queen for my post and here I see nothing but support. I can't thank you enough.

I have contacted all the sources that you all mentioned. My husband and I have talked about rescue, but we have a couple of reservations. First, with another dog and 9 cats in the house, we have to have a pup that gets along. Plus, we do everything with our dogs and they go everywhere with us. So it would need to be a pup that we trusted to react well to new situations and people. Plus, my husband owns his own business and there are many strangers who come into our house. And, this is the biggest reason - I know there are no guarantees, even with dogs from a reputable breeder, but after what we just went through, I can't bear to think of adopting a rescue with the unknown health of the parents and lose him.

Yesterday was black and today I'm a little better. Thanks in part to all of you.
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