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I traded a puppy of mine for Ti-amo from Serena Young of Sadoren Boxers of Canada after we spoke for many hours on the phone, I had no reason to believe she would not get me the papers.
She told me that Ti-amo was due in heat at anytime and that she was fine with her being bred to darri .... no worries on the paperwork. Yes, the pups can be registered if I get the papers from her. I have contacted CKC & will be filing a complaint with them over this. I will be sending in the bill of sale & all of the emails between her & I (which I kept).
I posted the add for the pups to get them into good homes I had to refund a few people and take their pups back because they wanted papers.
I am not happy about this situation, I got Ti-amo to bring in fresh bloodlines & to hopefully get a beautiful male from her & Darri. I agreed to bred her only once & have her spayed. Serena bred her twice & kept 2 pups.
I have raised this litter the same as my other pups, they get they besy Holistic food, excellent vet care, shots, worming and I am still offering a health guarantee with them ! They leave with a spay/neuter contract and not even a pedigree!
It is not fair to other breeders for me to advertise these pups as European pups (which I did NOT) and ask $800.00 for them with out papers!
If I were a BYB as some of you claim then yes, I would be asking a lot more & advertising their great bloodlines as well! I know I could get more but is it fair to the other breeders ... absolutly NOT!
There is a long story about this deal with Serena but I will not bore everyone here. Serena did get a pup from me and received her papers before I realized what she was doing. I only found out that she was a scammer when I read a posting on Kijiji, until then I was still leaving her voice mails hoping she would call me back. Last time I spoke with her, which was just a few weeks ago .... all was well & she told me that she was just about to pay her dues to the CKC and would then transfer Ti-amo.
I got scammed ... I a not proud of it but it is what it is.
I do not deserve the BS that is going on here so I hope this clears up some gossip!

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