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Default Re: So upset Mileena needs a new home pics added cat chose this home..this woman...I still care for my cat...any vet bills come up...she is to call me...For goodness sakes...I just laid another bag of food up next to her back door...she knows it's from me....If your cat doesn't want to stick around...there's not alot one can do about it...fences don't stop's are soooo much more independant and self sufficient than dogs...I tried to bring her home...but after my daughter left..her cat left also, plus she hated the rest of the other where's the dbl standard??? I didn't go and demand an adoption fee for this cat from this woman for all the shots, vet care, litter box training, spay, years spent on feeding what's your point?? Oooohhhh, I guess I should have to 'ensure she got a good home' I'm thankful the cat is happy...and even though she lives with someone else..she is still my responsibility. Can you say the same....So....once again...hope the $250 makes this easier on ya...
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