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Default Looking for a breeder with UK lineage and pedigree

I know there has been a large influx of "import" breeders out there trying to market their Boxers as "European" to have a smaller market share and to capitilze on ignorance but I have been trying to locate a reputable breeder that is using excellent pedigree from the UK lineage. I have recently began to do research for our new Boxer and have come to love the stature, head size, and temparment of the UK lines. I love that they have focused on ear size, pitch, location, etc...allowing for natural ears that are conforming to breed standards and not relying on a crop to meet standards. I like the more pronounced jaw line, muzzle length, and more defined head shape (they seem to have much less variance than some American lines). I also want to see if the calmer temparment (for a Boxer at least) is true. I have heard that the UK line is a bit more of a true "worker" type of breed vs. some of the utter crazy, jumpy, licky, basically insane "normal" Boxer personalities. Our previous Boxer was considered a very mellow Boxer and we loved him for it...and if the UK line has a better chance of being slightly less insane, than that is a characteristic that we value and would love to attain again.

I have only located two breeders in the US with good pedigree UK/European lines that I have been in contact with. The problem is that most of your high end breeders want to sell to show families and my family is not a show family. We are looking for a family pet. Now we do CGC and have done agility and flyball with our previous dogs, but I simply don't want to be committed to finding a breeder with a CH line, with all the proper health testing, and not requiring showing is difficult. The two places I have been in contact with are Mirak Boxers in AZ and Minstrel Boxers in MD. Neither have a litter available as of now, and since we live in Houston, TX, neither are very close to us for visits, transport, etc...

Does anyone know of any reputable breeders that may be a bit closer to Texas or would at least entertain the idea of one of their dogs going to a Texas family as a pet? We have done Boxer Rescue for 4 years (02-06) and have fostered 8 dogs. Our previous boxer had gone through 3 years of obedience and did some agility and flyball, but those were not quite interesting enough for him to compete was just for fun. We are an educated family, large house, large fenced yard, 2 kids that will give the dog all the excercise he can handle, and we will again do obedience tranining and hopefully accomplish CGC for the dog.

If anyone can be of any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. I am not trying to cause advertising or ask for trouble, I am simply trying to find a breeder or a website that lists breeders that would fit our criteria. I am still in touch with the other two breeders and maybe I can convince one of them to be willing to allow for one of their dogs to end up in our family, but just in case I want to keep my options open. We are not in a rush for a new dog, maybe we can find something by spring or summer hopefully. Thanks for any help and have a Happy New Year everyone.
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