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Are both parents health tested?

I noticed that she is placing for sale ads on k9stud, puppyfind and many more. Which supposely is not a good sign.

Can this lady post anymore drama on her website?

A few days ago we received a strange call from a cursing woman from WA. She was furious about our (???) comments on her site. We DO NOT browse other breeders' websites simply because of lack of time and desire, let alone posting anything anywhere. Then over the past few days we were allerted several times: someone was creating accounts using our website. Jealousy and dishonesty of some people are amazing. Apparently, we are so popular that people find it necessary to impersonate us. Use caution buying over the Internet.

Just recently we found out that the owner of Euro Dream Kennel (former Playtime Boxers), Amanda, a.k.a. Marlene, has been spreading lies about us. This is what we call "unhealthy" competition.
"Healthy" competition is what moves the economy, it is what gives you the best price for the quality, it is what gives you variety. "Healthy" competition in dog breeding is what you can ONLY meet in a show ring or during a work trial. The rest I deem as lies and rumors. What you go with - is your personal choice.
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