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Originally Posted by boxerpaws View Post
For home cooking, this is the absolute BEST book I have ever read. I read books on holistic dog stuff all the time, I have A LOT of downtime at work, and have read just about all of them.
This one has a lot of recipies, as well as chapters worth of information discussing things you can add and take away based off of specific needs of your dog. underweight, overweight, kidney trouble, liver trouble, reoccuring UTIs, loose stools, constipation, diabetic, cancer etc. you name it, this book includes nutritional support for it! I like it because it gives the base recipies, but also educates you on what foods can help with each specific need so you can tweak a well-rounded recipe to be literally made for your dog.
Aside from home cooking, it is a very educational book, and I'd definately recommend it to anyone interested in canine nutrition, preventitive holictic solutions, and holictic at home treatment.
Sometimes I'd like to beat my vet over the head with this book. lol.

On another note, my Corgi can not have any kind of dog food because his body treats carbohydrates as toxins and can not deal with them, making them breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria, as well as putting good bacteria in super production, making even those bad, and also making him more susceptable to many diseases, including cancer. It's pretty scary, actually. Lucky for us, he is kept entirely under control by the simple removal of carbohydrates from his diet. (dogs have no real need for them anyway and use fats the same way we do carbs) so he eats 100% all raw meats, bones, organs, and eggs... with the occasional green veggie or piece of cheese as a treat. He is absolutely THRIVING, let me tell ya!

And after reading "Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About pet Food" By Ann N. Martin, (told ya I read a lot. lol) I am very very determined to get ALL of my pets off of any and all commercial pet foods the moment my budget allows.... but I'm kinda nuts to begin with.

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn D.V.M. and Susan Hubble Pitcairn is also a pretty good book that definately covers home cooking, but I GREATLY prefer the first one I listed, it's easier to formulate a diet for your dogs specific needs, and I agree with it's stand on raw foods more.

You didn't add the name of the first book listed...

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