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I guess I was just too impatient ( which I tend to be) as I had a breeder contact who has what I am looking for.It will be a wait but in this case I will be patient as it wil be worth it
This is music to my ears. (assuming here that the breeder you are speaking of is breeding responsibly... health testing and generally breeding to better the breed) If only more people would be willing to make an effort to research, get references, talk to breeders and wait whatever time it takes to get a healthy pup and though it isn't a guarantee, your odds of a happy, healthy pup is greatly increased and will be well worth the wait, not to mention that by supporting responsible breeders, you are NOT lining the pockets of irresponsible breeders! It seems most people spend more time researching a new phone or camera than a new additon to the family...Good for you!
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