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Originally Posted by JaxonsMom View Post
Are we allowed to speak up as a personal volunteer and tell something special we do at each ot the shelters. That way people who don'y know the sites can vote by the bio's we put up; And it could help salicite votes. Would that be allowed for me to do? I really want this fabulous orginization to win the money for our babies. All rescues work very hard to place their animlas so everyone deserves the money. But only one can be picked.

I am besides myself not having been the only vote for LSBR

Either way it goes they get a good amount of money to spend on one in need or spread it over a couple.
I don't know if that would be fair... Especially since the ladies that nominated BRLA do not belong to this forum, they found out through the grapevine that the fundraiser was going and wanted to help. Three of them placed orders and even though they volunteer at BRLA they were just happy to support boxer rescue weather it would be going to BRLA or another rescue.

Each of these three rescues are amazing and help boxers in so many ways, each rescue NEEDS this donation. But only one can be chosen. I think leaving the pursuasive stories out and letting the voters visit the Rescue websites and choose on their own would make it fair. It is a really great idea, but in this situation it wouldn't be fair to BRLA. I hope you understand

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