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Originally Posted by Newcastle View Post
As far as this forum is concerned, your breeder would meet the definition of "BYB" simply by the fact that they utilize a broker to sell their puppies. To further support the categorization, they surely do not show or compete with their dogs to obtain objective evaluations of adherence to the breed standard, which is important if you want to continue to have dogs that look and act the way a Boxer should. It's also 99.99% likely that they have not tested the parents for any genetic health conditions such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, DM, AS, or ARVC, the last two of which can end up with the dog dropping dead at 2-3 years of age.

We all hope that your dog escapes these and the myriad other conditions that are so much more prevalent in carelessly bred Boxers, but we also hope that you will take some time to read the forums, ask questions, and learn what entails a responsible breeder and why it matters, both for you as an owner and the breed as a whole.

well said Jennifer. :]

Mylo....your pup is VERY adorable, and he looks like a very healthy pup from what I can see. If he has been evaluated by your vet for health, I have no doubt he is a healthy kid, however I highly doubt the vet is the right person to be making the determination on whether he is a "well-bred" boxer or not. The only person who would know would be the breeder IF they had in fact done the health testing Jennifer at Newcastle is referring to, on the parents and the breeders have either shown their dogs to conform to the show or working standard set forth by the committees and breeders doing this for many many years before us to keep the Boxer standard the way it is. And regardless of your pup being from a BYB or not, they all deserve loving happy homes, and I'm sure he will make you happy and love you for the rest of his life. All we are saying is that we on this forum do not condone BYB and their practices. We more than happily support the breeders of well bred boxers that maintain HEALTH among all else, as well as great temperments and standards in conformation or working. Congrats on your kiddo, he is adorable!

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