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I'm also searching for my next puppy. So far I've come close a couple of times, but haven't locked one up yet. I'm also dealing with the recent loss of my boy who died from ARVC. He lived a good life of 9 years and 7 months, but it was still very hard watching him detiorate so fast. Because of my experience with him, coming from health tested parents with longevity within the lines is very important to me. Are you familiar with the health testing side of things? If not, I would definitely recommend reading up on that.

Here are a few links that I've found useful so far.

This is where I started my search. American Boxer Club: U.S. Individual Boxer Related Web Sites

Another member of the forums sent me this link.

One of the breeders I contacted redirected me to this page, but so far I'm finding a lot of them to be outdated or not even up and running anymore.
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