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Default This Time I Think I Found It :) :)

...The perfect breeder! Check them out here:

Pheasant Hollow Boxers

I am in tears reading their breeding philosophies and their "About us" page. I kick myself for not finding them before I found Mylo, but I will never regret getting him, I love him beyond words and I am a firm believer in learning from your mistakes.

I'm getting ahead of myself. First, an update on life: Remember recently I posted a thread about Mylo busting out of his crate? I was working long hours and unfortunately we had to crate him for long periods of time. We enlisted the help of my cousins BF to come a few times a week to walk Mylo mid day. That didn't last long, because I was miserable at my job and I up and left. I was very stressed out, very upset to be leaving Mylo for so long. I came home that day after I quit and sat on the floor and cried. I was so upset over how badly I hated the job and how badly I was being treated there, and then something strange happened. Mylo came over to me and literately put his paws around me and gave me a hug! Then, he looked at me and licked my tears away. I knew at that moment that no matter where I am in my life, I always will have a Boxer. It was AMAZING how he knew I was hurting, and wanted to comfort me!

I recently found a long lost friend on facebook who I remembered always had Boxers, I messaged him and asked where he had gotten his pups from, and he gave me a link to this breeder. I am amazed at their breeding philosophies. We are going to wait until Mylo is at least 1.5 years old (I dont think I could handle two puppies!) but this may be it for us!

I better start saving now! LOL
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