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Unhappy Bleeding Ears

I wanted to share the issue I’m having with Stanley’s ears, because I believe this may help some of you later on. Sorry will be a bit long, but worth reading I think.

Stanley has been struggling with itchy ears, which our vet said that he couldn’t find anything wrong with them. I have elaborated my initial issue on this thread: Ears - Hair loss

Well, last week the daycare reported that he scratched his ear so hard that it took a chunk of the tip off, making it bleed a lot. They used styptic powder to stop the bleeding.
Yesterday, as I was cleaning his ears and applying Zymox before bedtime – he shook his head and the wound came open again… I freaked out.
There was blood dripping non-stop on my bed, carpet, and walls (he wouldn’t stop shaking his head).

I used styptic powder to make it stop bleeding, and that works fine. However, this is just a temporary solution, as the wound will probably come open again if he shakes his head/drags the ear on the carpet…
I have applied Neosporin when the wound became dry, and I’m hoping that helps with the healing process.

I found this article online – Caring for Wounded Dog Ears - that teaches you how to use bandage around the dog’s ears (which is what I wanted to do last night, but didn’t have any of the first aid supplies necessary to do so).
I will try to do it tonight and see how that goes. The challenge will be making the bandage stay put.

Here is a pic I took of how my bed looked like last night
I should've taken pictures of my walls and carpet too, but I had to rush and clean it before it would stain forever.


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