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At a glance, I see two huge red flags:

We offer boxers in a variety of colors which may include: classic fawn, flashy fawn, brindle, flashy brindle, reverse brindle, sealed reverse brindle (black), flashy sealed reverse brindle (black) & white.
The Boxer does not carry the gene for a solid black coat color (with or without white markings); the term "sealed reverse brindle" is simply a term breeders of so-called "black Boxers" adopted so that they could claim to be honest with the AKC when registering the dogs as brindles. I have followed generation after generation after generation of the darkest reverse brindle purebred Boxers in the country, and never has the brindle "sealed out" the fawn in an adult. Some fawn background *always* shows through. (Some puppies may appear to be solid black, because brindling spreads out as the dog gets older -- but a responsible breeder will not sell those puppies as "black", but rather as the regular, "un-sealed" reverse brindles that they are.) (Funnily enough, they even rant about people selling "black" Boxers for high prices, thinking somehow they're not doing the exact same thing by calling them "sealed" and charging at least half-again as much for them.)

Pricing varies by color and European boxers are priced accordingly.
There is no responsible reason -- with the exception of whites -- to price based on color or "European" blood. The only reason a breeder will charge more for "unusual" colors or "high percentage Euro" blood is to line their pockets. It costs just as much to raise a plain fawn puppy as it does a flashy reverse brindle one; no added expenses arise for a litter simply because the grandparents were imported from Hungary. (An exception would be imported semen, which can add a few thousand dollars to the stud fee. Even then, the pricing is not based on "percent European blood", but rather on expenses for that particular litter.)

White puppies are an exception because the American Boxer Club Code of Ethic states that breeders may only sell whites for a price equivalent to a refundable spay/neuter deposit and veterinary expenses directly related to that puppy. However doing otherwise is not an infraction of the COE, so many responsible breeders sell their whites for their standard pet puppy price. Charging more for whites than for a pet fawn or brindle is a red flag, but charging the same or less is not.
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