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Default Georgie got spayed today...

Hi... My 6-month old puppy, Georgie, was spayed today. I just brought her home and I feel so sad for her... They put a "cone" on her, but she already managed to take it off... After getting her into my car (thanks to a nice man who lifted her into the car after she just STOPPED walking in the parking lot). I didnt know what to do and didn't want to leave her to put my stuff in the car to carry her and/or ask the vet for help. As soon as she got in the car she finagled the cone off... When we got home I carried her out of the car and she went straight to the crate... Which is where she is now...

I have NO idea ow I am going to keep this cone on her for 2 weeks?!?! It'll be hard enough to limit her to her crate (as they suggested) as much as possible, but once she gets her energy back, how do I limit activity without driving her crazy??

I'm guessing she won't want to do much for the next few days, but 2 weeks?! My biggest concern is also her not licking?

Any advice would be welcomed... This is my first puppy and experience with this... Thanks!!!

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