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Originally Posted by kbourg View Post
Yes, Caesar is the father. I decided not to go with the litter though because the mom, Myra, wasn't a show dog. I've researched that you should pick a breeder who is breeding two show dogs. I've decided to go with Dajen Kennels instead. Rip and Wisp are going to be the parents. It's closer to my state of Louisiana, and I've heard good things. I know both of the parents have placed in showing and they are both health tested and healthy. Thanks for your response! I appreciate it! Have you happen to hear of Dajen Kennels? I was told by one person that she was a good choice, but I can never hear it too many times!
It's fine she isn't. She just needs to be health tested. Not every dog has enough flash or the attitude. She's titled in agility I believe though. Although Ohio is far. I've never heard of Dajen. I'll see if I can find them.

Ok, it appears on the puppy page the last litter was whelped a year ago. Does she have another litter on the ground?

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