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Originally Posted by April Lee View Post

I highly recommend Tanoak as a breeder - I can contact them 24/7 if I have any questions or concerns. They always respond quickly and with great advice. Anyone who has asked me where I got my boxer has said only good things about Tanoak as a breeder.

I would definately go to them again if I was to get another boxer.
I am glad so far that you have had good results.. but if your fur baby gets a medical issue and they then blame you or report you to spca or CKC then do not be surprised.I have hard copies of all their BS they have put us through.. I am not spouting crap.. I am speaking truth,, they do not health test and is not the puppies fault that"give her back we will put to sleep" is not something I would ever want to happen to another unsuspecting person... Bella in under two months of having her cost well over seven grand for health care.... so when searching for a new fur baby please go to a breeder who health tests their adults and come with well knowledgeable recommendations... is all I am saying... please become educated about what risks are involved when buying from a BYB.... they continued to harrass us until a month ago when I took a letter they sent to an spca in southern Ontario about how I was a neglectful owner neglecting the medical care of my Bella and how they wanted me investigated to my own SPCA and they took copies of her medical treatments in Guelph and told me to not worry about Tan oak since it seemed to her like they were trying to hide something.. and would protect her form them if need be....

Little girl Crash.... R.I.P Baby girl
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