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Default Recommend Tanoak.

Our Georgie was a Tanoak dog in part (Mother was a Tanoak bitch, Father was from a no longer in business breeder (pro-boxers.) He was a sweet, polite, big, clever boy. He could be slightly bossy, nothing out of the question, however he didn't especially want to be in charge. The one thing I would caution is that he did require major surgery for gastric torsion at 9 years. Completely my fault (I put too much food down and walked away...) and easily avoided. The incredible thing was he recovered rapidly from this major, invasive surgery at such anadvanced age. three to four weeks and we couldn't tell there had been an issue.
Georgie passed away at 15 (YES 15!!!!) years of age! Big, handsome. strong boy, people used to slow down and compliment him on walks out of their car windows. Beautiful mastiffy head, and talk about longevity. The only health issues he suffered from (Besides that one incident) were arthritis and some superficial, benign tumours, which weren't even evident til he was darn near 14 years...if they breed dogs like George, they know what they are doing!
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