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  42. Dog Camp or Do it Yourself
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  44. Your dog training method
  45. Sit on the Dog
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  50. Pet Safe underground fence training suggestions
  51. Pete safe underground fence suggestions
  52. Too Funny. She just want to have Fun LOL
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  60. Crate training
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  62. New dog owner
  63. Training Treats
  64. Retrain or Private Trainer
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  66. So frustrated! Need help!!!
  67. Leash Walking
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  69. Crate Training
  70. Doggie door?
  71. Bruno just graduated! LOL
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  73. Barking and jumping
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  75. Agility Training
  76. Agility Classes for a puppy.. Yes or No and why?
  77. Always go by your heart
  78. When to start puppy classes??
  79. I have another question :)
  80. Another Crate Question
  81. Pet Barrier for Kitchen
  82. Anyone else on here have a deaf fur baby?
  83. New crate! Help ASAP please!
  84. Leash pulling
  85. Trouble w/ The Gentle Leader
  86. Potty training
  87. 6 month old starting to whine in crate at night
  88. Currently in the hunt for...
  89. Bruno graduated!
  90. Doggy door
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  92. I'm so proud!
  93. Starting from the beginning
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  100. Moles!
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  104. Potty Training and Crate Training
  105. People food
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  107. Proud of my boy
  108. Treats
  109. Crate Advice!!
  110. Leash pulling
  111. Training Tips Please
  112. Agility how young?
  113. Need some crate advice...
  114. Why can't I wrap my head around crating?
  115. e-collar
  116. my boxer wont listen please help
  117. pee here not there...
  118. Does anyone here go "crate-less?"
  119. Obedience classes for Sonja
  120. Teach them to do something when they have to potty?
  121. Puppy Kindergarten
  122. Crate/anxiety issues
  123. bites everything
  124. he hates the leash
  125. peeing in crate
  126. puppy gone wild.
  127. How to get dog excited about food
  128. Crate training
  129. Yay, she passed!
  130. Ive always known boxer dogs were smart, but dang...
  131. Deacon can roll over now!
  132. So I bought a prong collar... big surprise. It isn't working :(
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  134. Rebellious Boxer Pup!
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  136. Long Down
  137. On a positive note...
  138. thinking about a prong collar? questions and opinions welcome
  139. Training for Personal Protection
  140. Deacon learned 'drop it' !! (vid)
  141. "Asks" to go outside a lot
  142. Educating the dog to obey the first time you give a command..
  143. Bark Busters / Dog trainers - anyone had experience with them?
  144. Socializing puppies
  145. Question for those with deaf dogs
  146. help with potty training
  147. Carting
  148. anyone thought their boxer to swim???
  149. What a difference a day makes
  150. Can your dog catch things in mid-air?
  151. Post your Trick N Treat!
  152. Forgetting his manners.... (sorry a bit long)
  153. A few basics
  154. Coming into her own
  155. What do dogs learn in a pre novice class?
  156. Recall... Help!
  157. Stop pulling my arm off please!!!
  158. Ezydog Brand
  159. How to deter unwanted behavior
  160. Getting and keeping your pups attention?
  161. Thoughts on Gentle Leader Head Halter???
  162. Pinch collar brand recommedation?
  163. Pinch/Prong collar fit
  164. kepp my dogs nose off the ground? (tips please)
  165. Recommended Colorado Trainers
  166. "Down" and "Wait" Command Struggle
  167. Collar or harness? Please help
  168. Crate Training Help!
  169. Pulling while Walking
  170. When to tackle Separation Anxiety and how?
  171. Pulling while walking
  172. Learning their name
  173. Look who graduated from her puppy class!
  174. Potty issues at night
  175. problems with "down"
  176. Pulling on Walks
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  180. House Training
  181. training a shed hunting dog?
  182. She wants "big girl" food.
  183. Short video
  184. Who trained who?
  185. Training outside
  186. Anyone have a therapy dog?
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  188. Crate training issues
  189. Confused and Frustrated
  190. STAR Puppy class
  191. Hannah's last training session.
  192. Crate/ Potty training - Confused!?!?
  193. peeing in crate when im at work
  194. I would like some tips of teaching stay without treat rewards
  195. Beau's training
  196. *Sigh* What now??
  197. Tricks: Post your 'Knows' list and 'To-do' list
  198. Difficulty walking a puppy without a leash
  199. Using a clicker
  200. Help with the Martingale Collar!
  201. Walking with the Stroller
  202. Introducing Small Critters / Mitigating Prey Drive
  203. New Tricks
  204. Hannah made her papa proud
  205. How can you ignore a boxer???
  206. Potty Training - Need Some Advice!
  207. Potty training help..?
  208. 7 month old boxer still bathrooming at night!
  209. Has anyone used the techniques in Patricia McConnell's book?
  210. Teaching a Dog that Already Knows Wrong
  211. So proud of Monty!!!
  212. Beau's going to boot camp
  213. Trailing
  214. Can you teach a dog not to drool over food?
  215. 9 week old puppy playing too rough with my moms dog
  216. Need help teaching Starr how to catch a frisbee
  217. Wont sleep in the crate :(
  218. Boxer Meetups
  219. Visitors...too much excitement..
  220. Therapy Dog Testing/Training Question
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  226. How long....
  227. Oh my goodness
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  234. Training with Cesar
  235. Trainer's dog was kind of bad.
  236. Brain/nose games
  237. Potty training...
  238. Sept.12
  239. What sort of leash/collar do you use?
  240. Bell training puppy, HELP!
  241. Sit Happens / Sit Means Sit
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  247. Nothing in Life is Free
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