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  1. Heart murmurs
  2. Breeding to improve?
  3. Boxing trait genetic?
  4. My boxers parents
  5. Boxer or Bulloxer?
  6. Tri color Boxer
  7. Who is responsible for what when it comes to breeding?
  8. Average weight.
  9. Wondering
  10. Nutro Ultra for puppies
  11. Dewclaws
  12. How to choose the best puppy in a litter
  13. hopefully some practical info available
  14. What does Heterozygous mean?
  15. So annoyed n trying to find a breeder!
  16. Inbreeding question
  17. Enlarged kidneys / normal urine and blood results
  18. Caesarian
  19. Would this breeder be okay?
  20. Can a white male boxer and brindle boxer have no white boxer puppies.?
  21. Need help finding and purchasing a puppy
  22. Breeders and DM testing
  23. False pregnancy?
  24. 100% European Boxer Breeder in the US
  25. Coat Color Genetics
  26. Co-ownership / adoption question
  27. Next to no hip scoring in the UK
  28. dog breeding software I finally like!!
  29. Standard
  30. how many pups!?
  31. Too Many Litters?
  32. need your input please….
  33. Does Litter Number have any Relevance?
  34. breeders in NJ?
  35. I might have found the right breeder
  36. question about what to expect
  37. Is this boxer purebreed?
  38. Puppies Absorbed
  39. Reputable breeder in Ontario
  40. Raw Feeding Whelping Info Needed
  41. Anyone know Wiggle and Waggle Boxers in CT
  42. HELP! Pitbull or Boxer?
  43. Breeders planning or with litters in CT MA or NY
  44. seeking a quality boxer pup in Ontario Canada
  45. Reputable Breeder (Euro) - Please
  46. boxer on the small side
  47. Tealcrest
  48. OFA Health Test Results?
  49. Looking for a boxer breeder who keeps tails
  50. Labor advice
  51. Bella:
  52. Is she a good boxer?
  53. Breeding a White Boxer?
  54. Dark colored coat
  55. Help...bleeding is at day 9
  56. Reputable Breeders New England?
  57. Looking for Boxer Breeder in Southern Wisconsin
  58. The boxer standard
  59. fertility drugs in breeding
  60. registered and with papers info help
  61. Breeders in New England?
  62. Just a Little Rant!
  63. skin tumor?
  64. Buyers beware of the "toy/mini" boxer
  65. Robust boxers
  66. First time boxer mommy
  67. American, UK, European Boxer Temperments?
  68. Opinions please!
  69. Colour Genetics of Puppies vs Parents or Grandparents
  70. True "out-crossing"?
  71. boxer/breeder info
  72. Joe Boxer
  73. Lula's first heat cycle
  74. female
  75. Is this a Boxer?
  76. BYB...what would you do?
  78. Autumn springs boxers?
  79. Breeders: Health test questions....
  80. AKC & CKC Registered Parents?
  81. All they need is a chance
  82. Anyone Breeding Boxer Puppies?
  83. Anyone heard of Seltap?
  84. I may be a little crazy....but...
  85. Dual Sired Litter
  86. Is he breed worthy?
  87. Breeding my two.
  88. Black and White, no brindle color boxer
  89. Line-breeding?
  90. x ray question,, x ray showed one puppy could it be wrong?
  91. Understanding ARVC & Health Testing
  92. Anyone with information/experience with this breeder?
  93. Help with future breeding
  94. White Boxer from good Breeder.
  95. Quandos Pups (maybe)
  96. Female dog from Erin Boxers
  97. researching Ninjas paperwork-scary results
  98. Phantom pregnancy?
  99. Why is it easier to find a car dealer than a reputable breeder?
  100. German Breeders, looking for help, want to get a puppy
  101. Questions about breeders
  102. Finding a good breeder in northeast US
  103. Sure hope he tells me what I want to hear!
  104. Quando video:ZTP
  105. Quando has passed his ZTP
  106. Reputable breeder! Opinions, please!
  107. European boxer personality... anyone with info pleaaase!!
  108. what brand of shampoo?
  109. breeding as a hobby?
  110. Opinions Please
  111. Should my boxer be bred?
  112. PostPartum/Newborn Care Sorry for Rambeling
  113. need advice...
  114. Genetic/Puppy Question
  115. 911 help my dogs acting up
  116. German, UK or American?
  117. Breeder info
  118. Deliteful Puppies?
  119. Kg Boxers - anyone heard of? PLEASE HELP ME
  120. Male/Female in same house unfixed
  121. Has anyone heard of the breeder Boxers Von Bachbett?
  122. Boxers and bully breeds?
  123. Need help finding a breeder in Texas
  124. choosing a buyer?
  125. Question for breeders
  126. I think she's Pregnant!!!!
  127. breeder question
  128. What should I know to Spay my Boxer?
  129. Breeders I got a question
  130. MINI BOXER Rat Terrier mix??? BYB
  131. Thinking of breeding??
  132. Post breeding question
  133. localized puppy mange and breeding
  134. Split Lip
  135. does size matter?
  136. US breeders
  137. is there a good boxer breeder in MN???
  138. EURO lines and Seasons...
  139. Books on breeding or care of
  140. Line breeding
  141. What is the best de-wormers for a litter of puppies?
  142. Responsible Breeders: ARVC DNA Test?
  143. almost 1yr and no heat?
  144. Advice on litter much appreciated...
  145. Disappointed!
  146. Info on Boxer breeding
  147. Ambato Boxers
  148. Boxer Studding
  149. Confused
  150. im thinking of becoming a breeder???
  151. Beginning a new line
  152. Possibly Breeding my Boxer
  153. Anyone heard of this person?
  154. BYBER or ethical breeder question
  155. breeding guides in uk?
  156. Heat Cycles & Stud Dog NY
  157. Please Help, Which Puppy?
  158. All boxer breeders please read!
  159. OH breeder
  160. No Boxer clubs in WV???
  161. Looking for breeder in Midwest
  162. Any breeders in Tampa Florida area.
  163. A BYB contacted me today
  164. Hannabanana or someone who knows breeding
  165. Ethics Questions for HannaBanana
  166. Florida, Buffalo, or Ontario Canada Breeder
  167. Singleton Working Male
  168. Health tested awesome breeders BC,WA, TX
  169. Going Into Heat...?
  170. Eeeeek - help!!
  171. Not pure bred boxer or bad breeding practice?
  172. BBCA - Pedigree Dogs Exposed
  173. Tetering inside your house
  174. ABC Code of Ethics and Cryptorchidism
  175. Boxer Breeder in Vegas or that ships
  176. Define *Healthy* in a Breeding Program
  177. Preventing white Boxers from being conceived
  178. breeding contract
  179. what do you think?
  180. Breeding To Better The Breed
  181. Dont yell at me .... pleaase
  182. Labor question?
  183. Garbein Boxers
  184. Question for Greg
  185. Moonstruck???
  186. Is it common for a breeder to....
  187. not supposed to happen help!
  188. Heat Question
  189. 2 week old pup yelps when he wakes up?
  190. Stud Questions
  191. help and advice needed!
  192. Opinions please?
  193. Need a great breeder in Texas
  194. Boxer in heat...??
  195. Looking for a breeder near Phoenix, AZ
  196. A few red flags/I need help.
  197. so i am waiting to fix my boxer
  198. question about my girl boxer?
  199. breeding
  200. over it
  201. They bred these on purpose?
  202. Obtaing registration
  203. help finding a reputable stud
  205. I would like to breed my Boxer..
  206. Looking to breed-New here (sorry if posting in wrong place)
  207. too soon to alter???
  208. Jay Jay Needs a friend
  209. I want a big boxer. What do i look for when buying puppy?
  210. Can you suggest a good breeder in Oklahoma or Texas for me?
  211. please give advice
  212. Nightline Piece Similiar to UK Documentary
  213. Question about a Bloodline
  214. Vertical Pedigrees
  215. Biggest Health hurdle for Boxer Breeders?
  216. The Six Stages of becoming a breeder
  217. Can anyone recommend a breeder in Jersey
  218. Pedigree Good or Bad?
  219. International Kennel Club
  220. Lost reg. papers for AKC how do I get him registered?
  221. Color/breeding question
  222. Dog Return Policy
  223. Question about breeding fawn w/brindle
  224. Advise Needed..
  225. When Is It Too Early...
  226. Heat Cycle Question ????
  227. I breeded my boxers and i dont know where to register
  228. Great article if you are thinking about breeding your boxer
  229. Im thinking about breeding
  230. Pedigrees/Fake??
  231. lip and jaw
  232. stepping up to the plate
  233. Titan needs a girlfriend
  234. Offa Hips: Fair?
  235. What Heath Tests Should be Done on Your Boxer
  236. Articles on Breeding
  237. breeding question?
  238. Are you asking how to be a responsible boxer breeder?
  239. Breeding dates
  240. Having a meltdown - need crystal ball
  241. oh man... i might have found a breeder
  242. Any Breeders on here live in Miami, Fl
  243. Breeders in SW Ontario or Western NY?
  244. Is this a good price for this breeder?
  245. What do all these initials mean?
  246. Reputable Breeder?
  247. Confused - change in sire?
  248. hey
  249. Wake up call on euthanasia