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Isle2 06-19-2016 03:53 AM

Shave your show dog?
If anyone here shows their dog, do you shave (clip) it's whole coat before the show? If yes, does it ever create little pimples on the skin from the tough hairs being so short after being clipped?? How far before a show do you clip and what size blade do you use?

Roccosmom 06-19-2016 07:53 AM

I don't have any experience showing but I found this online:
Welcome to FarMore Boxers

Isle2 06-20-2016 01:08 AM

Awesome! Thanks for looking that up :) I didn't realize you are even supposed to clip off the whiskers. My puppy has a think coat, thicker than my other boxer. I'm going to try first with a longer balde to attempt to get away from having to clip the head. Hope it works lol better practice now months before the show ;-)

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