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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I don't think you can report them to anyone. Breeders do not need a license and are not regulated here. Unless they are breeding or keeping the animals in horrific conditions, such as a puppy mill, there really is nothing anyone can do.
There is a pet lemon law in the state of Florida. I did recieve my money back for what I paid for Buster. I think it states that if anything congenital or hereditary is diagnosed within the first year, you can get your money back of what you paid for the pet. It really does nothing to help your pet, but it made me feel a little better in the fact that they had to pay me my money back and it didn't go in their pockets.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Thanks for sharing your stories. *I do want to get a puppy because I want what everyone else out there wants. *A beautiful representation of the breed in both personality, health and type. *I also want the best possible chance for her having a long and healthy life. *I don't want to show her (because having done that for years I do know the politics involved in showing and I don't want to breed). *I know my best chance of getting everything I want is to buy from a reputable breeder and that's what I am going to do. *I have already contacted one to set up a meeting and it may take a year or more to find the right puppy, but I am willing to wait - because the lifetime that I will hopefully be able to spend with her will be worth the wait.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Bump, I would hate to see this happen to anyone, either buying a pup from a byb or puppy mill or contributing to the problem by breeding for profit...

--WILLOW---Owned by *Angel 8/8/05 & Flick 3/8/08
Samson, waiting at the bridge 8/27/08

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

i have to say this is horrible i knew about these things just never heard any stories like these from people.

I hope the place i bought mine was good... parents were there and they had a couple other boxers and a few more dogs but they bred two types of dogs (cant remember the other one) but the father was still almost the whole time i was there looking at his pups but the mom was going nuts barking and trying to jump the fence she was in.

i think i got lucky going in without researching them but then again i got it from a small town of maybe 1500 people and the *breeders lived in a small house with thier family...

happy to say hes doing fine so far and passed with flying colors at his vet checkups so far *depsite being the runt of his litter
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

oh jeez after reading all this im scared.

we got lexi from our friend. the dad is AKC but the mom is not. the only breed them cause the males owner wanted puppies for his 2 kids and subbie(the mom) had 4 puppies, so we got one. she has no papers cause the mom didnt have any. the vet said she looks healthy and acts healthy.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I really like this post - when new people come on wanting to get a boxer we should refer them to this post. While I'm here I might as well tell my story.

I used to go to a local pet store to buy fish food. At this store, they had rabbits, hamsters (other small furry creatures) snakes, lizards and puppies. I would always look at the puppies and ooh and aah but I had an apartment so I couldn't get one. I also wasn't aware of the issue of BYB's or and how bad pet store dogs were. One time I go and I look at the dogs and there was Eddie. He was the runt of the litter and sitting by himself in a kennel. He had his little head hung and his brown eyes melted my heart. I felt so bad for the little guy I asked if I could hold him and when I did I was sold. I couldn't go home without him. (Side note: He was only seven weeks old at this time - I don't know when he was actually taken away from his mother)

* I got Eddie and he seemed to be a normal puppy. He played a lot but he was also not as energetic as he should have been. One day about two weeks later he started coughing. I called the vet and he said it was probably just some congestion and he would work it out in a couple of days. A couple of days later I come downstairs in the morning and go to take him out of his kennel. Then, I notice he had pooed in his bed and he was laying in it. This was bizarre because he had never pottied in his kennel before. He also wouldn't get up or move - even to wag his little stub.
I took him out and when I got a closer look I noticed his eyes were glassy and glazed over and he was gasping for breath. I immediatly brought him to my vet where the receptionist made me wait a half an hour for the vet and he just said he had a cold. I went home with the medicine and Eddie seemed to get a little better.
*Then, a couple of days later Eddie was gasping for breath again with glazed over eyes and he was shaking uncontrollably. I took him to the emergency vet where they gave him an iv and took a bunch of tests. They transfered him to a new vet and he found that Ed had pnemonia. They wanted to keep him so he could be constantly hooked up to an iv to get fluids and to watch his progress. He wasn't getting better a week later and it turns out he had contracted Parvo as well. It was the scariest thing to hear because we didn't know if he would be dead in a day, a week or if he could possibly pull through. It was so depressing going into the office, seeing him in the little kennel hooked up to an IV with a cone collar on. Two weeks later, and after an $1,800 vet bill he pulled through. He had all four legs shaved as well as his neck for the IVs and was a skeleton of a dog. *I never went back to the original vet. The vets that made Eddie better were truly a Godsend and he is known as the miracle pup - they all love him. Whenever we go there he is the most excited he ever gets.
* Eddie is now sixty pounds and 10 months old. We haven't had any other problems at this point however I am always on the look out. I like to think that I rescued Eddie rather than buying him - the next person through the door may not have wanted to pay the vet bills and had him put down instead.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I own:

1.) *A puppymill dog (Angelina). She has had extreme separation anxiety from day 1. Poor girl's very stressy--so stressy, in face, it caused Addison's, her vet said. *She's on a lifetime of meds and is 8 years old.

2.) *A byb boxer (Bibby). I know NOTHING about his sire; but see his mom and brother on a regular basis. They luckily, are healthy. Bibby was the runt of the litter.

3.) *A boxer pup from a reputable breeder (James). After MONTHS of intensive research (online, going to shows, phone calls), I found my breeder, then waited for my puppy. I know his lines back 6 generations, and have documentation of health tests on everyone. I feel safer, but can't help feeling cautious about my boy anyway. I do think though, that I have a very healthy pup--emotionally and physically.

These stories break my heart. *
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

These stories break my heart as well. I knew absolutely nothing about the raising, breeding, and selling of puppies until my sister, and all you folks educated me. When I finally have the good fortune to bring a dog into my life, I hope I will have the information and help from you all in making a good decision.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

We didn't know any better and purchased our first boxer, Lillie, from a pet store. *When she was around 1 year old, she started showing intermittent lameness in her rear legs. *Xrays and other tests showed mild hip dysplasia, but not to the extent that she should be in the amount of pain she was in. *After numerous tests, several opinions and hundreds of dollars, our vet was still stumped and nothing seemed to help. *He highly recommended a 2nd and 3rd opinion from other vets, but they had no answers either. *

The next step looked like shipping Lillie off to K-State to their vet school. *Fortunately, Omaha was just then getting our very own orthopedic veterinary surgeon. *We ran the gamut of tests with him as well. *Lillie's problems had by this time progressed to the knees of her rear legs, but again it was intermittent. *Even the orthopedic surgeon was stumped. *Then one morning, Lillie was lame in one of her front legs and her front ankles were swollen. *That was the break we needed. *The orthopedic surgeon did a fluid tap on a front ankle joint and a rear knee joint and we got our answer. *Lillie has polysystemic arthritis. *Her immune system attacks her joints. *The diagnosis had taken so long, that by this time one of her knee joints was shot. *Since she was only 18 months old and we wanted to optimize the outcome, we chose TPLO surgery. *Very expensive and a long recovery, but very worth it in the long run.

Now, Lillie is 3-1/2 and doing well, but she is looking at a lifetime of medication to suppress her immune system. *This in itself will eventually shorten her life. *Also, she is highly susceptible to viruses and infections since her immune system is suppressed. *No more dog parks because we just can't risk her picking anything up. *She just spent this last weekend at the vets office because she caught some sort of bug that messed up her digestive system. *She's back on track and recovering slowly, but it's scary every time she gets a sniffle.

We know better now and will never again go the pet store route. *Our two boxers since have both come from rescue.

Tucker (8 ), Sam (12), Piper (6),
Virgil (14), Casper (4) & Callie (1)

Jake ~1/1/98-10/31/08~ ♥
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