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Angry Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Ok, here's where you all can help. These are stories from members who have had boxers from either puppy mills or Byb's and what has happened..I'd like anyone that has a story to please share it, the more we educate, the better off we are!

This first one is Shari's, ChloeBellesMommy:
I like many otherís never knew what a BYB or puppy mill meant until after the fact I had already got my baby and fell in love. Now , 2 and a half years later I wish I did my research a bit better. I will NEVER regret getting my dog but the journey so far has not been easy. When I first got her it was an easy few monthsÖthen the problems started. At 6 months old she developed what we thought was just a eye infection but her vet also told us she had Corneal Dystrophy which is something she could lose her eye sight to itís basically just a waiting game to know for sure if it will progress or not.

Then when she turned about a year we started noticing sores and bald spots on her. She was also sleeping more often. Once again a trip back to the vet.. After numerous skin scrapings coming back negative the Vet wanted to take her blood and check her Thyroid. Her first blood test her levels were okay but the vet wanted to do another thyroid test later on.

We have also found out that her brother has boxer cardiomyopathy and after my vet heard a heart murmur we had to take her to a cardiologist to have a ultrasound preformed. She did not have cardiomyopathy but still has to go back every 6 months to a year for precaution.

Few weeks ago we just had another blood test done on her to check her thyroid again and it came back with her having hypothyroidism. She is now on medication for this and probably will be for the rest of her life.
I wonít even get into lumps she also has that has to come off and biopsy because that is just something that can happen with boxers but these other things I have mentioned above are issues that could have been prevented and not passed on.

We havenít even hit her 3rd birthday yet and we are already well into at least 3,500 dollars in vet bills. Would I shell out another 3,500 to make sure she seeís her 6th birthday? Without a doubt . But it also breaks my heart to see her have to go through all of this. Even though I only paid 600 for her you can see for yourself how quickly it adds up when genetic diseases come into play. Donít learn the hard way like I did of how important health testing really is.

And Lisa, Tootsie:
My first boxer, Buster was purchased from a pet store, a product from a puppy mill. Or what the store was calling a ďreputable kennel.Ē The first week we had him he was so sick with kennel cough, ear mites, and intestinal parasites. Within a few weeks we had him feeling better and acting like a real bouncy little boxer puppy.
In the first year of Busterís life he was diagnosed with knee and hip dysplasia. It wasnít severe enough to require surgery at that point, but was in need of medication. It took about a good year to find the right products to help with the aches and pains of his knee and hips. The first year was also very busy in doing research and going after the pet store to try and stop any future breeding of Busters parents. They really didnít seem too concerned and didnít care. Because this was a hereditary condition the pet store offered to take Buster back and replace him with a new pup. Yeah right! So they can euthanize him? I donít think so!
The second year of Busterís life was pretty uneventful. He would have the occasional injury from playing or running too hard. But, other than that he was a happy boxer boy. My daughter, Brianna was born in this year and they eventually became the best of friends.
In the third year of Busterís life he started having fainting spells. He would basically just fall over. After tests, and more tests with the vet and cardiologist he was diagnosed with boxer cardiomyopathy. I thought this is the end. This is how my baby is going to die. I was always afraid Iíd come home to find him dead. With the compassion and knowledge of my veterinarian, we were able to find the right meds to work for him. He began to live a normal and happy wiggly life again.
The fourth year of Busterís life was pretty uneventful also, just loving life and living like any other boxer. I was finally thinking, maybe he will live a long and healthy life with us.
In the fifth year of Busterís life, it seemed he was losing his eyesight in his left eye. This happened very fast, within weeks it seemed. The eye specialist said it was from the high blood pressure he had. I really never understood that, but he was put on yet more meds and eye drops.
My son Brandon was also born in this time, and again Buster just proved how gentle and loving he was with a new baby in the house.
In the sixth year of Busterís life, he started having seizures. I was never so scared in my life. It was about 10:30 at night when he had his first seizure that I was aware of. I immediately called my vet who said to give him some Benadryl, maybe it was an allergic reaction. Well, at midnight it happened again. I called my vet again, who met me at her office in ten minutes. She kept him overnight, ran blood tests on him. Everything came back normal.
After months of going through the changes in meds, the seizures kept happening.
It also appeared Buster was losing sight in his right eye. Within 2 months I now had a blind boxer. I really didnít know how much more Buster could stand. The vet started talking about how it could be a brain tumor. I just knew it was. My dad died from a brain tumor and Buster had the same symptoms. Talk about weird. The seizures, the blindness, and then the meanness came out. Buster started snapping at the kids. I couldnít really blame him, he couldnít see anymore and the kids were just being kids around him. For about one month Buster was seizure free, but just was a part of the couch, wouldnít get up anymore, just for some food occasionally and bathroom breaks, which I had to get him up for.
Then one night it happened. The scariest longest seizure heís ever experienced. It happened in the middle of the night. I got up with him and just sat with him talking to him while this was happening. After what seemed like an eternity he tried to get up and couldnít. I called my vet and rushed him to her office. We think he had a stroke with the last seizure and couldnít move after that. He could barely pick his head up. After two days in that condition, he just looked at me with his blind eyes and I knew we had to help him. God that was the hardest decision weíve ever had to make. With tears rolling down my face and my husbands face, we knew it was time. I got down on the floor and held Buster as he lay on my lap. I couldnít leave him alone. I told him what a good boy he was and that we all loved him as he took his last breath.
Buster had a pretty rough life from the start, which was no fault of his own. I guess the moral to my story is please do not support these pet stores that purchase puppies from these horrible puppy mills and backyard breeders who are clearly just in it for the money. Absolutely no thought is given to these puppies, the lives they will live, and the grief the families will endure. I wonít even buy a rubber bone from any place that sells puppies. Do your research. Find a reputable breeder or adopt one of the deserving boxers sitting in shelters or rescue organizations.

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

when i was a police officer, i helped shut down a very sad and nasty puppy mill. *there 230 dogs all togather. some moms couldnt even walk b/c they were caged 24-7 and used for reproducing is all, laying in feces etc. it was very sad. 100+ of those animals had to be put down, the others were im glad to say adopted out to loving homes.

My story with harley.
iw asnt planning on getting a dog but happen to be driving in the country and pass by a sign that said white boxer puppies. me being the dog lover i am i had to just stop and take a look. no intentions of buying a dog, more so justto check out the place. well when i went up the drive way the house IMO wasnt much suited for humans, much less dogs. the mother was chained to the end of the trailer, and the dad to the other end. there was only 2 pupies left, harley and her brother. *i couldnt leave there without either of them. there was also fighting chickens caged everywhere also. so i bought harley and her brother on the spot. i then left and immeditley called the human society in which they came out afew days later iw as told and took the mom and dad, and seized all the roosters. long story short i gave harleys brother away to a good frined where he has a loving home. so far we have both been lucky and no health problems with either except for any early on work problem. other than that *fingers crossed* they are both doing well.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Omg I just started ballin at Tootsies story!!

Puppy Mills are aweful aweful places!
~*Cindi*~ Mom to Reeko, CGC, Remi and numerous farm animals

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I agree with everything you said in your post. *I'm sure most of us would rather spend our money in purchasing a healthy puppy, with predictable temprament instead of spending hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on genetically defective animals.

I think the best way to save heartache and aggravation is to go to your local AKC dog shows. *You will soon see who has a sound breeding program and is selling healthy and beautiful, well adjusted animals. *You will soon know and hopefully see at least 3 generations of both of the parents. * It may take some time and you will undoubtedly have to prove yourself to the breeder in order to even get on the waiting list for a puppy, but it will be well worth the wait and the money. *A reputable breeder will usually guaranty the health of the puppy for a year or longer and can provide you with the necessary health certifications (dopler tests, hip dysplasia, etc.) that can assure you a long and happy life with your new baby. *Even the top breeders in the country have to place puppies in non-show homes (usually with spay/neuter agreements) and even pointed or finished champions (adults) that are no longer needed in their particular breeding programs need good homes too. * This way you get the best of both worlds, a beautiful representation of the breed, certified healthy and outstanding temperment, while affordably priced.

Just because someone owns an AKC registered animal and breeds it to another aKC registered animal, there is no guaranty as to the individual genetic background and personality characterists of the two lines (out-crossing).

Pet stores get puppies stuffed in crates and envelopes filled with AKC litter registrations *and they are left to sort out who is who. *You can't be sure you even get the correct papers for the individual pup you are puchasing because their pups do come from puppy mills where any number of females get bred by any number of males and the puppy mill will just send AKC the names of a male and female to get a litter registered and then ship them off to be sold. *Very sad but very true.

The most money I ever spent on a puppy was $5,000.00, but you can be sure I knew her pedigree and every dog and bitch back at least 6 generations. *Best of all I got what I paid for.

This is not to say that there aren't wonderful pets out there, but if you are serious about purchasing a new companion that you will spend the next 15+ years with, why not do the research first and get the most for your money.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Those stories are heartbreaking. *There is one petshop here that sells puppies and they are picketed every 6-9 months by PETA for buying from puppy mills but they just keep on selling them. *From what I have heard those petstore puppies are quite expensive so it is all about the money for those stores also. *I have never been in the store but have heard that the conditions are not good there either.

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I actually have two storie stories. One about my boxer girl Buttercup, and a second about a male boxer i had name Bruiser.

My first experience with a byb came when i was young and started working at my first vets office. a lady came in with a boxer puppy for his last set of shots and made an offhand comment about how he was the last of the litter and she was trying to get rid of him (nice huh?) i jokingly said that i would take him if he were free. She called her husband and was told to do it. they were tired of having to keep spending money on him when and not being able to sale him. I was surprised but took him home with me that day. My parenst LOVED me (this is sarcastic)-Bruiser was a happy healthy puppy. I was informed that all responsibility would be up to me for his care and food. i was ready for it though, plus i got discount from the vet. Boy was I in for a ride. He was the typical boxer puppy for the first year of his life, but when he reached his second year *he started growing knots on top his head. I jokingly said his devil horns were coming in, but was truly concerned. At first i thought it was just some weird bite or allergic reaction. When a month past and they continued to grow i decided to have him checked out by my vet. We did a biopsy and my fear was confirmed. he had cancer. We treated him which caused him to be very sick. Wellness would come in waves- he would be happy and healthy and then barley able to move the next day. This happened off and on until he reached the age of 3.5-luckily more good months then bad ones. At the age of 3.5 he took a turn for the worse. The cancer was too much for his body, he could barely walk, he had stopped eating and he was starting to loose control of his bladder. I made the very hard decision and held him til he took his last breath. It was a while before i got another dog, but i knew it would be a boxer just like my Bruiser. i switched vet clinics and ended up working at the e-vet-that is where my next boxer came from.

I, myself did not purchase Buttercup froma puppymill or BYB, but that is where she came from. When i worked at the vet clinic years ago a fawn boxer girl was rushed in.She was hit by a car and had fractured her hip. The people who brought her in could not afford to pay for her medical treatment so i took her over. After speaking with her owners they agreed to release ownership of her over to me. i found out that they had planned on breeding her for the puppies (and saw no problem with this) and that they were disgusted that she "got herself into this mess"-like it was her fault!!. I also found out that she came from a puppy mill-I had no idea what i was getting myself into. I was cautious because of Brusier- but i knew if i didnt take her she would be euthanized and couldnt let that happen. She was a very sweet girl and at only 8months had lots of issues. I had the vet operate that day and she came home three days later. It took months for us to get her up and walking again after her surgery. Now i know this has nothing to do with BYB and puppy mills, but what comes next did. After she fully healed from surgery i noticed she was still having issues with her joints and she just didnt seem to function properly. It seemed at times she would get dizzy spells, or she would walk in a circle like a one legged duck. Well i grew concerned and had the vet run tests on her. We brought *in our hear specialist and did xray after xray. In the end i found out that her heart had so many problems, it wasnt pumping enough blood throughout her body which was causing her dizzy spells and her walk to be off. She was also diagnosed with hip displaysia which is why she had joint pains. we eventually got her on some meds that had been working well with her for almost 3 months. I was happy that she seemed to be getting better, i had to make sure she didnt become to active. this was hard, but we managed. when she hit 18 months she took a turn for the worse. her dizzy spells came more often and she started having shortness of breath. I expressed my concerns to my vet and we set up an appointment with our specialist. the first available appointment *was in two days. Sadly she didnt make it to the appointment. The next evening she passed away in her sleep. My vet checked her out when i brought her in and i was told her heart couldnt take it anymore and gave out on her. I only had her for 10 months and i would do it again in a heart beat. If her parents would have been tested this poor girl never would have suffered the way she did. It broke my heart, and i tear up just writing this but she will forever be my Baby Buttercup.

To be honest i wanted nothing to do with dogs for a long time. Both my boxers were taken from me before their time. I finally gave in last year after being dogless for almost 4 years.That is when i got Chloe-who luck would have it was stolen. figures right?? *:wink:

My thoughts on this is be sure to research-yes the boxers from reputable breeders may be a bit more expsensive, but dont let cost deter you. If you dont want to pay then go the rescue route. There are soo many boxers out there that need homes!!

Please dont buy from abyb or puppy mill-not a pet shop- nothing!! they are in the buisness for money and could care less about the welfare of the dog and it is us the dogs and us their owners who get hurt in the end.
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I can ditto the experiences and thoughts of those above.
Missing all the Boxer kids who have left me over the last 28 years. Herc, Kristi, Roxy, Bert, Spuds, Petey, Osmond & Zoe (CGC) you all blessed me so much.
And Namaste' to Mateo (CGC) and Talia who currently light up my life!

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Hey Nano... I just researched and they're still in business:
*** deleted link

Did you report them?
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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

Who would I report them to? Let me know and I will do so. *I wasn't sure who to complain to. *I have just kept my eye on them googling them and I have tried contacting them by email and the address is no good and their phone number has been disconnected. * I just tried both again, from your website search and they are till no good. *Thank god!

Missing all the Boxer kids who have left me over the last 28 years. Herc, Kristi, Roxy, Bert, Spuds, Petey, Osmond & Zoe (CGC) you all blessed me so much.
And Namaste' to Mateo (CGC) and Talia who currently light up my life!

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Default Re: Puppy mill & byb stories- This could happen to you!

I'm going to delete the name of the breeder in Nano's post and the link in Taymickey's post. I don't see the good in advertising for them.
I do believe they aren't breeding anymore. I have tried contacting them as well while in my search for a puppy, and I never got a response from them either. I guess that was a good thing. *:wink:

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