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JuanaMPA 07-19-2013 09:11 AM

What is your honest opinion about this breeder
I am set to get a puppy from Kari in the future, but I found this breeder that is just 15 minutes from me and I will love to hear your honest opinion.
My perfect breeder is Kari, but she is far away and I need to fly the puppy or drive 8 hours each way to pick it up.
I found this breeder and she looks ok. I am planning to visit her premises soon, but maybe you guys see something that I am not seeing. Be honest,
Shaddai Kennels | Tower City, Pa 17980

cadkids 07-19-2013 09:36 AM

there are no health testing posts on her dogs that would be a HUGE red flag to me

also it seems she has lost several of hers to various genitic issues second red flag

she does not list where she shows her dogs or any pedigrees on the sire and dam of any litter third red flag

does not say what she feeds them (raw? kibble? grain free? ) if her dogs are in the house or kenneled so to me that is the fouth red flag

I would stear clear

Jimstigator 07-19-2013 10:15 AM

Lol... steer clear? Little harsh for not even knowing her or the operation she runs. I am glad I don't breed, you all are cut throat :)

I see atleast some evidence of health testing on some of them. Given her other pages about puppy buying, dog health, etc, I wouldn't just rule her out. You don't have to smear a website with that information to be legit.

Most breeder's do not feed raw. I also woulden't flag for that.

I also lost an insanely well bred dog to cancer, not sure you can really flag that either, atleast not right off the bat.

I suppose if it was me, I would at least give her a call. Not the best website in the world, but that doesn't mean shes a hack.

With all this said though, I bet Kari probably has a better operation, no question, and its worth the 8 hour drive. We drive about 8 round trip to get our babies.


mad4268 07-19-2013 10:24 AM

I agree Jimstigator. Some people just are good with tech and a bad website shouldn't be a reason to avoid them at all costs. I would at least talk to them about their upcoming litters...

The one thing I did notice is with the litter born on July 17th. Both parents are one site and owned by the breeder. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but they could be breeding out of convenience rather than paying for top quality studs.

Jimstigator 07-19-2013 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by mad4268 (Post 1236346)
I agree Jimstigator. Some people just are good with tech and a bad website shouldn't be a reason to avoid them at all costs. I would at least talk to them about their upcoming litters...

The breeder I use still has little gif images of boxers running on the website


JuanaMPA 07-19-2013 10:32 AM

It is the letter that I got from her. I asked her if I can visit her kennel and she said yes.

Thank you for your interest in a Shaddai Kennels Boxer. We breed for conformation and temperament. Our breeding stock is health tested adult dogs. Each dog receives an echocardiogram, hips and elbows x-rayed, thyroid, and yearly heart monitors. Documentation will be provided upon request. Puppies will have first set of shots, possibly two and wormed by the time they leave. No puppies will leave before the age of 8 weeks old. This is not only the law, but 6-8 weeks is when the puppies really socialize with their pack and mom. This helps them to be a better socialized dog for a family. I strive to have show quality pups in my litters but there will also be pet quality pups as well. It is hard to determine at birth which will be pet and which will be show. Between 6 and 8 weeks we can better tell which we want to place in pet homes and which ones to place in show homes. We do try our best to place a requested color and sex in a family but sometimes it doesn’t always happen. Many of my pups are sold before the litter is born, so there isn’t always a guarantee on color and sex only the guarantee that they will have a puppy. All prospective puppy owners are required to fill out a puppy application with references listed, these can include business associates, veterinarians, neighbors and friends. In order to hold a puppy a deposit and deposit contract must be received. All puppies are sold on a contract whether they are pet or show quality. Pet quality puppies are sold on a spay and neuter contract with limited registration. A lot ask what’s the difference between limited and full registration. The difference is that limited restricts the activities that you can do with the dog. You would not be able to show in conformation but you could show in agility and obedience events. Also limited registration restricts the registration of any litter that the dog would produce. This should be no problem for anyone purchasing a pet puppy as they are on a spay and neuter contract anyways. Full registration will give you full rights to conformation showing and registering any puppies that the dog produces. Show quality pups are sold on a co-ownership contract.
The price of my puppies range between $1300 and $1800 depending on if they are pet or show quality and the pup themselves. I have a one year guarantee on each puppy for any genetic defaults/disorders. My puppies will be chipped for the cost of $35 before they leave me. This fee is much cheaper than what you can have the pup chipped at the vet and comes with a life time membership. If you purchase a puppy and can’t pick up the puppy at 8 weeks, you will be responsible for any vet visits, food or anything that the puppy needs, I will not charge for boarding unless it runs into an extended stay. If you decide to have the ears cropped, I can assist in that area and set up the appointment for cropping when I take the show prospects in. Depending where I go it could range around the $500 mark…I try to keep the costs down as much as possible, just depends on schedules and travel to get to the appointment, sometimes an overnight stay. Most vets crop before 16 weeks but there is one that likes to do them at 6 weeks. At the time of pickup, in addition to the $35 chip fee, you will need to bring a check or money order in the amount of $30 for a single owner or $40 for a co-owner to cover the AKC registration fee. In my experience, if I give the puppy papers to the families they do not get sent in and being a breeder that wants to achieve a breeder of merit status one of the requirements is to register all puppies.
Home visits are not done and will not be allowed till the puppy has at least one set of shots, this is for their protection since there are things that can be carried in that can affect them. Home visits can occur inside or outside. If there is a puppy that is under the weather then the home visit will be outside as not to disturb them and the state that they might be in. I have had one that was very fragile till she was about 18 weeks and then she took off like a shot…I am glad that I stuck to my standards where she was concerned otherwise who knows if she would have survived. Parents can also be seen at the time of the home visit, at least the Dam. If the breeding was an out source then the sire will not be on premise but will be health tested and with a good sound temperament and conformation.
If you are a first time boxer owner, please research the breed. Boxers are a very active dog, they also very much love human interaction and is a breed that needs to be inside as they do not tolerate extreme temperatures, hot or cold. They are also an intelligent, funny and loving breed. They don’t start playing the role of protector till they are about 2 years old, till then they are very much playing and growing. Boxers make great family dogs and love children. They can be a little over zealous so can knock over a child trying to be over friendly but never out of meanness or malice.
I am always available to help my puppy families. After all that is what it is all about. I hope that this letter is informative to you and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

sasasola 07-19-2013 10:34 AM

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hmmm... that response sounds very thorough!

cadkids 07-19-2013 10:42 AM

well the letter sounds MUCH better than the website she address several concerns I had from just seeing the wesite

JuanaMPA 07-19-2013 10:58 AM

She makes her own website. It is probably why it is not that informative. I am planning to visit her and talk to her all my concerns and see her dogs too. If she keep the dogs in Kennels outside it will be enough for me not to get any of her puppies. I want the dogs to be home and well socialized as Kari's dogs.
About not feeding raw, I am not concerning either, even that it is a plus. I can change everything around after I get the puppy. Since she is close, I may able to ask her to feed my puppy raw if I supply it? Maybe? lol

Kaco Boxers 07-19-2013 11:04 AM

I don't see anything wrong with this breeder. The response is very thorough, I suggest you go and check out the dogs condition and where they are kept. Ask for copies of all health testing.

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