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Serena 02-05-2014 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Justtvh (Post 1488490)
OK good I can post now... I would like to chime in here as well. I have been in contact with EVERY major, professional breeder in florida. I have only had 1/2 contact me back. It is frustrating. I want a pet but, I want show lines and ALL testing done beyond normal vet visits. ( That detail alone knocked alot of the breeders off my list. ) Liston boxers is in process of breeding their bitches this week, she only breeds in winter time. But, that is a 6 month wait for the pups and she has a waiting list a mile long. I spoke via email to garnsey boxers they advised last week that they had pups. I started asking questions and the emails stopped...... So I know " frustrated ".

I have been using email to pre-screen breeders on my list, for example if they mention testing on their website but don't go into detail I email and ask what type of testing is done. If they do the appropriate testing then I follow up with a phone call. Some call back, others don't.

We are seriously considering a rescue, too. It will probably take a few months but that's ok because we were prepared to wait anyway for a puppy. Good luck to you.

Joeponds 02-05-2014 08:05 PM

Clay at Garnsey Boxers has been breeding Champion Boxers for many years. He had a Great Dog Mad Max that had a great run. I think that he is AKC judging now.

Justtvh 02-05-2014 08:44 PM

Yes, I emailed clay. He responded one time that his bitch just had pups and I requested more info and heard nothing more. I'll call him tomorrow. One of my customers has one of his pups.

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