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Default Re: Hello . any one hear of Landos Boxrs??

This was not our first boxer - and we thought we had done the correct research, but we were wrong.
We have since added another boxer to our family and we are thinking of adding another baby so that we have 2!
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Default Re: Hello . any one hear of Landos Boxrs??

xenababy did you end up getting the puppy or no???
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

My friend and I both have Boxers from Landos. I have nothing but trouble with registration. Said I wanted a Show dog and then all of a sudden after the dog was a year old she refused to register him till I neutered him. My friends dog is now 3 (litter mate to mine) and she still hasn't received her papers.I specifically asked her if her dogs had heart problems and was emphatically assured that they did not. Well my dogs litter mate now has collapsed numerous times with all the signs of cardio myoposy.And this dog is only THREE.She does not return phone calls or e-mail and really doesn't care once the dogs leave her home.Now if one of her dogs has a heart problem there are more as it is genetic and unless she does 24hr holter monitors on all her dogs you will not know what you are getting. Both parents have to be clear to be sure of clear offspring.I would never recommend her to anyone.If you want a dog to die at 3-4 yrs old go to her. Otherwise go to a breeder that can show you proof of health checks of sire and damn,
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

At the risk of being flamed, lol I will give my opinion.

Linda does use studs from other lines.

I would never judge a breeder by their unwillingness to provide a replacement puppy or at the lease a partial refund unless proof of breeders wrong doing. Obviously this board is not the best place to post any or all of this proof. The CKC should be contacted if you feel that this breached any or all of their ethical obligations.

Also about not honoring health agreements and other kennels (I know nothing about the situation here but I do know of other situations, so my opinion is based only on my experience)

99.5% of breeders will not honor a health guarantee under the following circumstances (again I am not saying that any or all people discussing in this post or on this board meet any or all of these):

Failure of the buyer to take pup to vet within set limit of time (breeder specific) after accepting said dog

Failure of buyer to provide acceptable feed IE Canidae, Eagle brand and with my experience and IMO on the low end Eukanuba

Failure of the buyer to maintain regular DVM visits and health records

Failure of the owner to provide sufficient physical activity or failing to acquire conditioning clearance and plans in consultation with licensed DVM alternatively providing physical activity that is to strenuous for the dogs current abilities or that is not physically viable for the breed
Mating, or housing the animal with another dog whom that meets one of the above criteria and or health issues caused as an outcome of this breeding I.e. Canine Brucellosis
ANY OR ALL health problems that were and or are preventable via usage of products such as advantage multi or products in this genera i.e. worms or other parasites

Failure to provide sufficient medical documentation of cause of death or provide copy of autopsy or failing to accompany said documentation with the animal’s health records and all of this documentation should be signed of by a DVM

Failing to meet any of their contract clauses
Moving on, I have a boxer from this breeder that has been cleared by her DVM to start agility training. She has no heart murmur or other issues and HAS passed heart halter and OFA hip and elbow dysphasia tests. And by pass I mean getting a rating better then fair because as you know fair is just that “fair”.

Other the other point, yes it may seem that she is “pumping them out” but obviously there is a market for them else they would not be produced. I have been waiting in Queue for about eight months for another of her pups. She has always returned my calls and emails.

She has invited me numerous times to go to her kennel and see any and all conditions that her animals live in. I know she is more then willing to give these tours to anyone whom arrange them or wants to go “pick out their puppy”.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange and clear your breeder to your standards before purchasing your pup. It is the buyer’s responsibility to report all concerns to the CKC for investigation. It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure that they, the buyer have all of the documentation (hard or soft copy) on the dam and sires medical status as well as registration status available to them to judge whither or not they meet your criteria before purchasing or accepting a puppy.

That being said there is always something to be said about the naive and uneducated as well as the first time owner. I do not think that there is anything wrong with being naïve or a first time owner of a boxer or any breed; but not seeking the information out… not saying anymore… … …

ON a positive note ASKING your question and taking the time to posted and wait for a reply is a GOOD THING. I urge you to also talk to a local trainer or arrange to talk to me in a PM or email about more breed specific topics or aid in matching or finding you a breeder. I know of another breeder that is also a CKC (Canadian kennel club) member selling CKC registered dogs.

On that topic

Most professional trainers, as I am, have a program in place to match owners or potential owners with a compatible breeder or perspective owners with a compatible breed being or not being a boxer. I have coached many people to other breeds because a boxer was not compatible with them or their lifestyle.

As far as I know she (Linda) is still an active CKC member unless that has changed since I last checked; which was recently.
Remember; white boxers need love too!
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

This post is from April of '08. FYI before digging it up causes an argument.
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

Originally Posted by KGre
This post is from April of '08. FYI before digging it up causes an argument.
My thoughts exactly. This has been happening a lot. Oh well.
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

[b]Breeder of Landos Boxers REPLIING!!![/b]
Well I thought I would set the record straight with everyone.... since they are talking about me!!

First of all... here is a copy of my contract that my pups leave on! So Please feel free to read it.

As a condition of my contract, I do not provide CKC Reg'd until I have received spay/neuter certificate. Any clients that do not have their CKC papers have not provided me with a spay/neuter certificate. This particular person and you are the owner to Tazor bought and signed my contract for a pet puppy. Tazors owners expected me to transfer ownership with out the required spay/neuter certificate. This owner went so far as to complain to the CKC and the CKC told her that
she must adhere to the contract she signed. (Documentation from the CKC and Tazors owner are available upon request)
Secondly you stating that litter mate has had a problem. I have guaranteed this dog
and stand by it. Feel free to see the correspondence with this woman that I have had with her. I am waiting for medical reports and and according the the contract she signed she does not receive her CKC papers until I receive a spay neuter certificate. Which I have not received yet!! AS A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL MY PUPPIES ARE SPAYED AND NEUTERED! You got your CKC papers after I got the neuter certificate!!!! I do stand by my dogs!!!!

OK now with the lady that had the puppy that passed away after she got her pup!!
I have all the correspondence with this woman and again I know who you are and will post it!!!
In accordance to my contract, that you signed, I requested a second opinion and medical history, which to date I have not received. As a breeder, you have to wonder why she is refusing to provide me with the dogs medical file which is a condition of my contract that she did sign.
I feel bad they have experienced a problem...know one needs to go through trouble like that but why is the breeder always at fault when there can be lots of other problems such as a puppy getting into poison or neglect or poor vet care!!
I need proof before I can refund and will refund if there is a problem.

As for showing my dogs, I do take them out regularly but due to their size and amount of bone they carry, they are not what the Canadian Judges are putting up. If I lived in Europe I would be winning. The size and bone is exactly what my clients love best!!

FOSTERING: I foster because I care about my dogs. I suppose all you fostering critics, feel that it is the best interest of the dog to be warehoused. I could keep all my dogs here but, then they would have to be in kennels. They would have to contend with sharing my time and energy with potentially 10 other dogs..not to mention when I have puppies. The girls would grow up with me until they were 2 then they would have their breeding career of perhaps two years and then they would be retired at 4. At 4 in that case you would have a dog that had been warehoused. Had minimal socialization due to time constraints and had had to share human companionship with other dogs. The girl would then be faced with being re-homed into a pet environment and all that that entails.

Or in the case of fostering; the puppy is placed in a pet home; enjoys its puppy years playing in a yard going for car rides and being the sole dog in the home. The dog at 2 would then be potentially used for breeding where she would only deliver and nurse the puppies here and then would go back to her family. At the end of her career she just goes home to her family as she had done after any litters she may have had. No change for the dog, no big adjustments.
I would also like to point out that. The foster families do not pay for their dog, they do not incur any expenses at all with regard to breeding . The foster family has the pleasure of enjoying their dog only being required to give her up for 8 weeks at a time a couple of times.
I know you critics would then say well you shouldn't have so many dogs then that you have to foster........I will address this also. If I have 2 girls and 1 boy and pump out endless litters from this combination.......I am a backyard breeder. As a responsible breeder; I am always trying to improve my dogs; the reality simply is that I need to have more than 3 dogs in my program. I need several different pedigrees. Lines from different countries etc. That means I need access to quite a few dogs.

So those of you who are opposed to fostering...next time you visit a breeder and look into the faces of the 20 dogs and puppies who are locked in kennels and receive minimal attention besides cleaning and food....ask yourself would that dog rather be laying on the couch with a kid watching cartoons or leaping at the fence hoping for a pat...................

I would like to assure everyone, that although I place fair number of puppies a year, all of these puppies are not mine. I allow my website to be used by other breeders for the placement of their puppies. I limit access to my site to breeders who maintain high ethics and use pedigrees that I believe in. Further I do charge a small fee for this service.

In conclusion, since both ladies choose to air their business on this blog...please feel free to contact me anytime and I will be happy to discuss these individual cases with anyone. I will be happy to provide documentations.

To the two bloggers if you continue to put half truth and misinformation I will be force to put your documentations and correspondence online in order to protect myself.



Purchaser: Breeder:

Telephone: Telephone:

Your puppy is sold to you as a happy healthy puppy of sound temperament. S/he is the result of careful breeding of one or both parents with certified hips and who are excellent representatives of the breed. All puppies have had a thorough veterinary exam at the age of six or seven weeks old and are guaranteed to be in a good clean state of health on departure from this kennel. You are advised to have your vet examine your new puppy within 72 hours of departure. If for any reason the buyer is not satisfied with the puppy within the 72 hours period, the puppy may be returned in the same condition as when sold at the purchaser(s) expense. The purchaser(s) will receive a replacement puppy from the next available litter or a full refund as decided upon the breeder. All vet costs after departure from this kennel, no matter what the reason, and including the 72 hour period, are the responsibility of the buyer.


Hip Dysplasia
Sound Temperament


Behavioral problems, or personality traits not associated with temperament

If your puppy shows clinical signs and is unable to meet the normal demand of a pet dog within the three year period and if the contract conditions have been adhered too and suitable evidence is produced the puppy may be returned to the breeder in good clean condition at the purchaser(s) expense. The registration papers must be signed back to the breeder. A replacement puppy from the next available litter or a refund will be given at the breeder’s discretion. In the event that the purchaser(s) prefer to keep the puppy; a replacement puppy or a partial or full refund will be negotiated depending on the puppy's condition. The breeder may request a second opinion at the purchaser(s)' expense. The puppy's entire medical history will be made available to the breeder and her choice of Veterinarian.

1) The purchaser(s) agrees to have the dog spayed or neutered by the age of 18 months and to supply the breeder with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate. Failure to spay or neuter and failure to supply a certificate will result in a fine of $5000.00 and/or confiscation of the dog by the breeder. CKC registration will not be transferred to the purchaser until the spay/neuter certificate has been received by the breeder

2) The purchaser(s) will take good care of the dog, providing quality nutrition and medical care, including vaccinations so as to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the dog. The buyer agrees to keep the dog well groomed at all times, including bathing and brushing and trimming of nails.

3) The purchaser(s) agrees to feed Eagle brand to the appropriate age of nine months, and to then at the purchaser(s) discretion to switch to a Lamb and Rice formula dog food. Nutrition plays an important role in the physical health and development of the dog, this guaranty is dependent on correct nutrition. The purchaser(s) also agrees that the dog will never be overweight of underweight at any point in the dog’s life.

4) The purchaser(s) agrees to provide good daily exercise and to neither overwork or under work the dog at any point in the dog’s life. We will not guarantee a dog that has been road-worked, or had excessive physical training and exercise, or has been crated for long periods of time.

5) The purchaser(s) agrees that the dog will never be allowed to run at large, unsupervised by the owner, nor will the dog be tied or changed to a fixed object for long periods of time.

6) The purchaser(s) agrees that the dog never be used for experimental or research purposes.

7) The purchaser(s) agrees that the breeder will also be informed about any address changes throughout the dog's life.

If for any reasons the purchaser(s) finds it necessary to part with the dog, the owner will always give the breeder first right of refusal. If the breeder does not accept the dog back, the breeder must agree to any ownership changes. The new owner must provide any and all information the breeder requests. The buyer may also request the breeder accept the dog back for resale. In that case the owner will be given all the funds received for the dog less the breeder’s housing and selling expenses


ALL PUPPIES leaving this kennel do so on a non-breeding agreement. Should the purchaser(s) at some point become interested in breeding a new contract must be signed and all requirements must be followed. Whether the non-breeding agreement is to be removed is at the sole discretion of the breeder. There will be a fee to upgrade the contract. The fee shall be equal to the amount that reflects the current price difference between a show and pet dog. If this dog is EVER breed under this contract there will be a $5000.00 fine.

By signing this contract the purchaser(s) agrees to have read and to have understood and to have agreed to all aspects and conditions and penalties of this contract. The purchaser(s) further agrees that all disputes will be settled in the town in which this contract was signed. The purchaser(s) further agrees that there will be no transfer of ownership until the full purchase price and a spay/neuter certificate has been received by the breeder.
They also understand that ANY contravention renders the agreement null and void.

Signed at the town of this day of 2009.

Breeder : Purchaser(s):_________________________
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

It is Taser!! Not Tazor. If my dog's date of sale wasn't till the day of neuter what did you do with the money for 18 months.Also I asked for a dog to be shown and even asked you what was invlolved with getting breeding rights and you said this was a different contract which of course I never got to see.This is my last comment on this Breeder?.
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

I agree with everyone-do your homework first! They have some pretty dogs-and ALOT of them! Where are they from? But looks aren't everything.You'll get a lot of help here.Welcome!
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Default Re: Hello anyone hear of Landos Boxers??

The CKC stipulates if a buyer agrees to and signs a spay/ neuter contract..registration must be transfered within 6 months from date the seller recieves spay neuter certificate. You signed this this contract.
Since you were currently showing said dog...you were well aware that you would have to upgrade to show puppy price if you wished to show after the 18 month period.
This was a option to you and you chose to neuter your dog!
That being said you recieved your reg'd papers in a timely manner.
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