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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????


I didn't call you. I don't even know where you live. Honestly, I have no reason to slam you, nor would it benefit me to do so. If I really wanted to prevent you from selling pups because I 'thought' you were a BYB I wouldn't post your ad in the forums. If no one has heard of you, then you never existed.

I just posted in response to the OP. I gave my POV on your ad. If you took offense to my post then it is because your ad sounds like one of the ads I responded to and I almost got scammed from it. I lost $100 in traveling to get a Boxer only to find that the owner wanted me to wire money for an 'emergency' before ever meeting up to see the dog. I waited at the terminal for 2 hours and the person never showed. Good thing is I never give money until I see the product. I never heard from the person again.

If you read my first post, not once did I say you were/are a BYB, nor did I accuse you of being one. I merely stated and questioned that perhaps this was an ad from a BYB. Don't take it personal - your ad just sounded way too good to be true. And yes I was joking in my first thread! But no I didn't slam you. I didn't even Google you or use any information gathered from others to try and prove you were/are a BYB.

Not once was I two-faced. I am me, only me, and I've stayed real the whole time.

I'm sorry that your ad was posted here to be ridiculed, critiqued, and slammed; I'm also sorry that feelings got hurt in the process. However, I am not sorry for what I wrote since this was in response to the OP.

If you think I have no class, then so be it. You are entitled to your own opinion.

But, I am happy that you came to these forums to defend yourself.
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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

Originally Posted by boxerpaws
I'm going to point out a few things on both sides, and inevitably piss some people off.

To the breeder being "slammed"
Please understand that this forum is full of people very passionate about this breed, and its well-being. We are people who have for the most part, done our research, and would ask a million questions about any breeder before we'd buy, or even consider. I am by no means justifying the immediate judgement passed by many readers, just trying to put it in perspective. Also understand your situation is NOT ideal, and it would have been entirely unrealistic that with no information provided anyone would assume that you purchased a house with 33 dogs to explain the situation. I would hope that you know any breeder that sells that many breeds is a red flag for an educated person. They went with the information that was provided. Unfortunately that information was not adequate enough to asses this information.

To everyone else:
Lets keep in mind that websites alone are absolutely AWFUL to go off of alone. I saw a million and a half things that raised my eyebrow and made me wonder about Annie's breeder, and CALLED her to get the scoop. (red flag: breeds her own males to her own females. The scoop: many of her dogs are PURCHASED as adults because they are the perfect match for an opposite sex already there. Also, her lines come from all over the country.) Had I not have called her, I would have assumed she wasn't doing things right, and missed out on the best little girl I can dream of. I have seen this very same breeder slammed on here, and disregarded based off of the website alone. (whatever, I'm glad. Annie was the avaliable female at the time and if they took her, I would not have gotten her.)
I love this forum, and have had absolutely zero problems with anyone whatsoever. Everyone has been very welcoming to me, and I hope I'm not ruining that. I see no reason for this breeder to have to come on here and post every single thing she does or doesn't do. She defended the statements made against her and left it at that. As a member of this forum, she should not "need" to go any more into it than that. She owes us nothing.

I hope to see more ethical breeders join this forum, I believe they are a wealth of knowledge we can all benefit from, especially myself considering being a part of that world sometime in the future.
I agree.
When red flags are raised, question may/should be asked, but keeping in mind things aren't always as they seem, (and this goes both ways!! things can look impeccable and in reality...)

I am not good at putting my thought on "paper" so I have stayed out of this discussion, but I really agree with the above poster.

When it all comes down to it we love our dogs and want the best for them and their peers. This includes gently educating others in what the "best" is. Although it seems this breeder does not need educating.. In case this breeder was BYB, and if she was at all hardnosed this discussion would have made her go "screw them" and she would continue in her ways. Approached gently and appealing to her goodwill/conscience would have been more likely to make a difference, than possibly pissing her off, and more hardened in her ways.

To the breeder..thanks so much for clearing this up.

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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

Sorry for the long post but since people wanted info .... you got it.
Thank you for the warm welcome to the site.

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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

I think it may have already been said but... I think it is GOOD that people on this forum are cautious, inquisitive and skeptical when they encounter any breeder/website/ad for puppies, especially one that doesn't post all their health info on their website or when things sound odd! I think it is pretty obvious that nobody in this thread meant to slander or be gossipy. Asking questions and posting doubts means people care a lot about the breed standard and the welfare of the dogs. And it is up to the breeder to prove to people that he or she is indeed pursuing the best for the breed!

(Sidenote... Sami, welcome to the forum!! I don't know about other people, but if I were a prospective buyer, I think it would be GREAT if you posted a list of all the specific health tests you do, on your website! I don't think it is a waste of space at all. Rather, it would show people you care and instil more trust when they first go to your site.)

Boxers and windows were made for each other.

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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

I am a true lover of all dogs but the Euro type Boxer (a quality bred one) is an awesome site. This is what I wanted to have but I didn't know anything about importing a dog & don't trust people that much to just send my money to a total stranger & the amount that they charge plus shipping ... WOW ! That was then .... now I know a few people & would trust them in a heart beat to send me a gorgeous, healthy Boxer.
Yes, I started with a not so beautiful bitch from old Boxella lines with a tad (about 1/4 or so) Euro (Boxella's Warwick) from a local, very experienced, reputable breeder, at the time she had 6 generations of the bloodlines still alive & no health issues ! I had found my mentor ... WHO HOO ! Through working with this woman I learned tons & continue to do so. My mind is always open to learn & I soaked it up like a sponge. She now has a few dogs bred by me .... full circle !
My goal was to have the most beautiful Boxers that would turn heads on the street & in the show and be known for their health & longevity. Later I learned that Euro's are not so welcomed in AKC & that is fine. An AKC Champion title does not mean healthy by an means & I know of many that died at very young ages (even after great testing results) and yes, unfortunatly most had already sired several litters. I goal was not breed just for AKC shows anyway, if some make it ... great if they don't I am fine with that too.
My idea of a Boxer is one that has the looks, bone structure and conformation of a true working dog. My dream was to have a Urban Wordanis of my own & if you look at my site I have an Urban grandson (Fausto) that is almost a mirror image ! It took me a while but I got what I was looking for and he is bred by me.
The same goes for my Frenchie & English Bulldogs both breeds are fairly new to me but for many hours/days I researched them on the computer, read books, went to shows & talked to breeders. My female Maddie is Ch. sired by Admire - a - Bull High Roller (AKA Armonty) & I bred her to a Champion Sired male, I have kept 2 bitches, Pickles & Jessie which I do intend to show AKC. With the breeds that I love I have only chosen the best to start with & always tried to better what I had/have. My male Frenchie is from the Shark kennel (Hungarian) he is a gorgeous young male. Due to some heavy handling before I got him he is too timid in the show but he is a heck of an entertainer at home and such a Ham too.
I love my dogs ... all of them. The smushy faces are obviously my favorite!
I am a regular at breeders day, put on by Steamboat Island Hospital which is where most of my testing is done, eye's, thyroid, hips & elbows & microchipped if needed. Hearts are checked by Dr. Meurs cardiologist, she basically checks for murmurs on that day, no Holter or ekg's she sends us to portland for that, she is also the one that does the dna for ARVC, think I mentioned this before. I will begin testing for DM very soon too.
It would be hard for me to choose one of the three breeds ... I love them all, each for their sillyness, goofy & couch potato ways.
I used to groom at PetSmart but worried about my dogs all day so I quit & now I am home with them all day, everyday except for a few hours here & there ( I have a great husband !!) If I take a vacation or go hunting with the hubby I hire a house/pet sitter to stay here with them all. She is a great woman & without her ... well there would be no vacations!!
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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

Hi Sami!

I'm glad you joined the forum! I enjoy reading input from people who professionally show, work and breed boxers -- I often learn something new. Like any good forum, we have our discussions, disagreements, etc., but I believe that's what a forum is! I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and am so glad to hear you love boxers as much as we do!

Sidenote: I *do* think it's great information to add to your website about all the health testing you do with your pups as well as your philosophy on health... but that's just me. I think it's an important point that really sets certain kennels apart from others. As anyone who's ever fallen in love with a boxer knows, it's so important to find a healthy/long-living pup!

Anyway, welcome again!!!
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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

Wow, I have learned so much from this thread. Even though it was a teeny bit controversial, it definitely opened my eyes. Thank you to Heather, Montys_Mom, Linsey, Sami, Hennesy, and everyone that gave insight. I consider it a good day when I learn something here...which is every day.
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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

I'm glad you will soon be testing for DM! My last dog passed away from that.. she was a mutt from a shelter so of course she was never tested.. but its the saddest thing to see them have.

Boxers and windows were made for each other.

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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

There are now so many posting to this topic I can not remember anymore who made the comment but it was sort of „that most on this forum that take “Boxers, breeding, health etc. seriously”. Sorry, but I don’t agree. When comments ( some comments do have substance) are made about BYBs ( I would never buy from one) then my feeling is that many just jump onto the bandwagon to yell, this also applies to many other comments made, it is sort of an “in thing” to do, yet the same people do not really have much knowledge about Boxers and what is important. When people take their pups home at 5-6 weeks and wonder why they whine all night or take pups home and have no time to take care of them, and then wonder why the dog the starts tearing the house apart then this does raise my eyebrows.
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Default Re: 100% Euro pups for $400????

I'm sorry I don't mean to be a douche bag..but some things can't be helped...why in the world would you not release the health tests you do on your dogs??? That makes no sense...your business would do better if you did.....Then you bred a bitch after 2 years knowing full well you didn't have the paper work on her...why??? Hennessy had every right to comment on your add....for goodness sake...I would put the most important crap in my add!! We all just commented on your add...it was very generic!! That wasn't our fault but....yeah...don't make us feel like sh!t because you don't know how to advertize....
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