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  1. I'm somewhat curious about the differences between German and American Boxers. As i understand it, most top American Boxers have - so to speak - German ancestors, a.k.a. Sigurd v. Dom. Based on this fact shouldn't they look like the typical German Boxer? Instead it seems as if the nose is...
  2. Hello!! I’m new to this forum but I thought it would be the best place for some advice. My boyfriend and I are loving in together. He has an almost 4 year old (very dominant) not neutered male and he got me my baby Remington who is 16 weeks. We plan on getting his boxer neutered within the...
  3. General Boxer Forum
    Just wanted to take a moment in all the stressful things going on in the world today just to give a moment of thanks to all the people on this forum who truly love their Boxers and to wish everyone peace and positivity. I am so grateful for my dogs they are a life saver for me just take a moment...
  4. General Boxer Forum
    So we are getting our puppy next Sunday! I've never ever create trained, have had several dogs that have all gone to the rainbow bridge, and all have been house trained no problem (as far as going to the bathroom). I keep seeing that for boxers, best bet is crate training. So I don't plan to...
  5. Hi all... My husband just bought a "nest" thermostat which has energy efficient settings preprogrammed into the unit (which you can override/adjust). One of the programs is for an "away" option, which sets the air to 84 degrees when you aren't home. We are in the middle of a debate about...
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