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Default male or female

Hi, We are thinking about adding a boxer to our family. We currently have a 7 year old female lab/american staffordshire terrier rescue and a 5 year old male German Shepherd. I'm looking for opinions on which would be best for us to add, a male or a female boxer?
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That is a tough one. I know that with boxers - females typically do not get along. I am not sure if it is breed specific.

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None, go buy a gold fish instead and thank me later ( two females together sometimes could be vicious) As for the males ok if ones Not intact. gltu
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If it were me I'd get a male for the following reasons:

We have 3 male boxers- two were litter mates and the other was added as a puppy. We have not had any issues. We fix all of our dogs for multiple reasons, so to me that's not an issue/concern...

From people I know who have had multiple dogs of various breeds both males & females in past- I'm told females of most breeds want to be in charge.There are of course personality exceptions.

From this forum - two female boxers don't do well. As noted above, I can't say for another breed and a boxer. If you don't have a dominant female now....maybe it would be OK? I have no experience to speak.

It's a good thing to check into. I'm curious to see the various responses as well.
Some people prefer the females to the that may weigh in on your decision too.
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CynBoxerMom gets big Props from me ... because she is one of those who seems to have "three dogs" successfully.

For those that don't know (and many years ago that included me??) Two dogs are a pair, Three dogs are a Pack???

Leerburg | Raising Two Pups at a Time: Why It's a Bad Idea
Scroll down to "Adding a third dog."

I was an American Band Dawg/ Boxer/APBT and Boxer guy ... all, Molosser's our decorative's there of. Another thing they had in common of which I had no clue?? Is that they are all "Low Rank Drive Dog's??" In plain English, that tends to mean that a dog's "Rank" in the social structure of the home (is fine with them.)

I discovered this rank drive "Stuff by accident"when I added ... dog number three, a an Over Sized Working GSD or as I referred to him ... "a big furry dog with a pointy face." No big deal??? And that was the extent of my research and knowledge on well ... what I had done?? And all went well for about ... 12 to 15 months ... then all "Hell Broke???"

Oh and a "heads up" if you get a "puppy" (Rocky was Seven Months) you can pretty count on getting away with whatever one does, for about "maybe 12 to 18 months or so?? But when sexual maturity hit's ... if you have "done what everyone does" ... your gonna have uh, ... issues!

Mine was the first stitches, in my hand ever ... from breaking up the first "Pack Fight" between my Band Dawg (Top Dog) and Rocky ... "GSD." No Boxer involvement ever!

And Struddell my White Female Boxer ... did rule the home but out and about ... off property she deferred to Gunther (Band Dawg.) That was just how it was but "Rocky" WL GSD ... wanted no part of being dog number two??? And so ... it began ...

But I digress ... so things to know, two dogs are not the same as three?? And if you have a GSD as part of your pack well one has best have there "Crap Together!"

And well ... you already have a Female??? So there is that. And just so you know ... "Female Boxers" are "Infamous" for inter female Aggression! I don't know if they are the worst?? But they are in the Top Two! How bad is it?? Well a Competent Boxer Rescue, "Will NOT" Place a second female Boxer" in a home that already has a female Boxer, end of story!

And ... I will also add ... most likely not many Female Boxer owners have seen there "goofy/dog friendly/people luving girl" totally lose it!!! And go full house Bat Crap Crazy on there four legged buddy!!

Well ... I have (my fault) and in different circumstances I put her in a bad spot and Struddell lost it twice and went after Gunther??? These days sigh I am a veteran of breaking up dog fights!

Five freaking times with Rocky (GSD ... always started, it and my Band Dawg!) And I got Stitches from one of those encounters! And your talking about 85 lbs of Band Dawg and 115 lbs of Wl GSD!! Still ... those guys were "nothing" compared to the sheer naked aggression and ferocity on display when my Struddell "nutted up and went after Gunther! A display like that happens with a female Boxer and the resident Female Boxer?? And that rescue will be luck if they get there Boxer Back!!

So Boxer rescue policy with female Boxer's, if there is already a female Boxer in the home to just say "NO!"

But hey you don't have a female Boxer, so yeah ... Well a Pit oh sorry American Staffordshire Terrier" mixed with uh "anything??" Is not something I would chose to "screw with??" And a GSD in the wings ... LOL yeah good luck with that!

And I am sure as a "Pair" they are great Dog's. But your complicating adding a third dog to the mix??? And things could change big time!

But all that said ... if you "must??" A "MALE" Boxer would most likely be your most seasonable choice?? And also be aware that if you "Mess Up" laying a proper foundation ie "Structure in the home" issues most likely won't show up for 12 to 18 months????

That seems to be a GSD thing ... and it happens all the time ... so it would seem?? At any rate ... "chose wisely!"

Gunther Mastiff/Pit Mix 2000-2010
Heidi Brindel Boxer 2000-2000
Struddell White Boxer 2003-2013
Stewie Boxer/Pit Mix 2000-2001
Rocky BLK Over Size Wl GSD 2007-2017
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One of my neighbors has a female GSD/Malmute, a male pitt and then added years down the line a female pitt. All spayed and neutered. They all got along fine, however the GSD was quite old, she was the ruler though. Another friend has a male GSD, and two st. poodles., one female and the other is a male, all intact but the female. For the most part they all get along but there are times she separates the males, nothing major but she does not allow it to exculpate. I have 4 dogs, 1 female, and 3 male, all neutered and all get along. However the female can be snippy she wants to be the alpha among them. I would personally not have more than two if I ever had another dog, stuff happened so I have 4. LOL
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