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Default atypical BLOAT! long ordeal

Well i have been MIA for a while...

My big old boy had a case of bloat so we been really busy taking care of him... he spent darn near three days in boxer ICU... fluids iv antibiotics and the whole nine yards...

It was an atypical case as well... something just didn't feel right and by the looks of the xrays it appeared that he had just eaten something... had i not insisted that the DVM do the exploratory at 11 PM he would have passed morning...

so this is how it all started... Mom went to work and dad was building a sand box for lilly the boxer. everything was normal... lazy old elliot was laying around as usual. he got up from a nap went into the house and vomited. not dreadfully out of the ordinary... half digested kibble... some foam and watery fluid... then a second pile with some brownish red liquid... which didn't sit right with me... so i called my wife at work and told her i would most likely need her to come home and give me the van cause i think Elliot would need to go to the vet... Two hours later nothing had happened no movement... he had a bm and eliminated had a drink and ate a little kibble and laid down as per his usual watching everyone else have a good time and dad work. then he woke up again out of the blue and went into the house and threw up again... same thing a small pile of kibble and watery liquid. this time i (i am color blind) there was unmistakable blood. I called his mom and asked her calmly to come home i needed the van. and the ordeal started.

I had a 20 min argument with the vet on the phone that yes he had to be seen tonight... then drove him up where she had taken her daughter and husband into the office with her. I insisted that she do x rays... and she checked for shards of bone in his exit area.... nothing... no tenderness no repeated vomiting... just those two instances... no swelling... just a hazy area on the xray that didn't look like much... maybe a squeak toy at most.

DVm wanted to give him barium and re image in the morning to see what he had eaten... then maybe she would have to excise it... i said there was no way she was leaving him to suffer through the night... if he was in distress it was being done now ...

so she reluctantly agreed... and her toddler was kicking around the office the whole time... anyway...

we get a call at something to some ungodly time of the night...

he had started to bloat... his tummy had started to fill with gas and his intestine had just started to be impacted (turning blue from lack of blood)... the only thing that had twisted at that point was his spleen... cause dad caught it so quickly and early... and razed the vet so badly... forcing her to do her FREAKING JOB.. elliot had pulled through... they keep him for what seemed forever... and ...

you think things were getting beter between me and the vet....

She got pissy cause i called everyday to ask how he was doing and even more so when i called the emerg line on sunday to find out cause they do not have office hours... when we got him home he was filthy... post op goo... and some urine on him where he had obviously miss stepped/sprinkled when trying to mark something.

so we gave him a sponge bath and cleaned his nasty looking tummy wound with salt water... bought a fleet of stuff from the drug store and are keeping him nice and cleaned and restricted...

we are hoping that he makes a full recovery... as for the dvm we are looking for a new one... at least she was nice enough to admit she was wrong on her initial diagnosis... and reduced the cost of the surgery....

so please... when it feels wrong CHALLENGE the DVM... it may save your furlings life... also keep our boy in your thoughts.. he has a long road ahead... Many thanks to Twoisplenty(kacos boxers) and Biancales boxers for their tremendous support over the last few weeks!
Remember; white boxers need love too!
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Oh my! Really glad you kept pestering the vet... could have been way worse... Sending healing prayers your way!
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Your boy Elliot will be in our prayers. Hope he will have a speedy recovery. Man- so glad you hounded the Vet. They can be so careless at times and dont think its that serious. So glad you trusted your instinct.
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Oh my gosh. Good on your instincts - I hope Elliot recovers fully!

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The fear of that ever happening to either mine actually made my eyes water as I read that. You're very lucky you have the boxer parent instinct to know when something is just not right. My girl's mom died of bloat leaving behind a 2 week old litter because the "breeder" didn't recognize something was wrong.
You're in our thoughts.

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What an awful ordeal to go through! Glad your instincts were right and you were very insistent that immediate action be taken. Here's hoping for a smooth and successful recovery for your furbaby.
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A parent's instinct is one of the most valuable tools in medicine - furry or not. Good for you for standing your ground. You saved your boy's life.
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oH, poor Elliot! Such a traumatic experience to go thru.... Thank goodness your parent instinct kicked in! The vet should be ashamed of herself. By all means, seek a new vet. Get well soon, Elliot.....hugs and kisses to you. XOXOXO

Laneys Mom,
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Oh My Gosh! I am so sorry you had to go through that! I know the feeling and it is completely awful. We went to 3 different vets before Zoey was diagnosed with Meninigitis. The first one said it was possible but rare and he did not have the equipment so he treated it like an infection We finally took her to Kansas State University Teaching Hospital an hour and a half away. If you ever have another emergency and have one of these close take your boxers there! They are up to date with the latest technology and are surprisingly cheaper than the reg vets office (or for us anyway). Definitely find a new vet! A parents instinct is the best one. So glad your boy is ok. I know how scary that can be! Hoping for a speedy recovery for your boy Zoey and Wiley say Get Well Soon!!!

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Hope Elloit is feeling better. Get well soon.
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