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alleyrlt 10-24-2007 07:52 PM

how to "stuff" a kong ...
How much do you fill the kongs with? *This is all new to me. *When I grew up with dogs, they lived in the back yard with some cheap dog food covered in leftovers or gravy my mom made for them. *Now, I'm researching dog food, buying toys like crazy, going to puppy school. *My hubby thinks I've gone cookoo! *But we do have a kong for Harvey, and I just don't know if you should put a tiny bit, a little, or fill that sucker up. *I do the kong when he's in his crate on my work days. *By the way, Harvey is a gorgeous almost 5 month old brindle! *Thanks for the info!


sharonL 10-24-2007 07:55 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
I put about a tablespoon or two in there depending on what I am putting in. *Normally Peanut butter or PB and Yogurt or Yogurt and Bannana mash. *I freeze it (overnight) for the next day in the kennel...

southerngirls 10-24-2007 08:17 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
rhonda welcome! i cant wait to see pics of Harvey.

As for the kong. I just take a spoonful *of pb and smear it in the kong (depending on the size more may be needed) There are times i will mash banana and yogurt and fill it then freeze it for a few hours. the girls really like this :)there are lots of different things it could be stuffed with.

samsonsmom 10-24-2007 08:27 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
I only give mine Kongs occasionally and usually if it's cos they have had a big exercise day, like meetup, so I tend to overload it, which is soo wrong I know.And it seems so pitiful to put such a small amount in this big ole Kong....For a puppy, a tablespoon should be more than enuf.....

Here's some other things you can add, I stole this list from Lisa *8O

Cheerios and peanut butter

Chunks of Apple and peanut butter

Cooked macaroni and melted (not runny) velveeta cheese

Bananas and unsweetened applesauce - freeze

Cream cheese, peanut butter, and applesauce - freeze

Applesauce with chunks of fruit - freeze

Bananas, cooked oatmeal, applesauce, and yogurt - freeze

southerngirls 10-24-2007 08:29 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
hey i havent seen that list. i may steal it *8O and save it on my computer :)

samsonsmom 10-24-2007 08:39 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
Lol Andrea, that's what I did, I forget, someone had run out of PB for the Kong and these were some suggestions...Always keep all this stuff anyways and it makes a nice change

Sadiesmomma 10-24-2007 11:06 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
Welcome! Ditto to what the others said. I love love love the name Harvey! Can't wait to see pics *:)

southerngirls 10-24-2007 11:08 PM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
lord i got in trouble when i ran out of PB. the girls were NOT happy and let me know it to!! *i was trying to think of different things to use but in the end they just didnt get a kong because apparently my brain wasnt working! so the mac and is ok to give a dog pasta? just regular pasta or would whole wheat be better?

Mom2BoNLaila 10-30-2007 01:31 AM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
I don't put moist stuff in Bo's kong because I am afraid it will get bacteria in it... (I'm overly paranoid) *I just fill the sucker up with little dog treats... He goes crazy over it...

Sadiesmomma 10-30-2007 09:04 AM

Re: how to "stuff" a kong ...
LOL it was me who ran out of PB the other day...but I tried plain cream cheese (Heather's suggestion) and Sadie loves it! I think she almost likes it better than PB *8O

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