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Mom2Rocky 06-14-2011 06:42 PM

Please Read..NorCal Donation...
I haven't sent in the NorCal Scentsy fundraiser donation yet as I was hoping to come up with another way to raise some more money for them. We only raised about $20 with this last fundraiser and it is sitting safely on my Scentsy paycard. I was wondering if anyone on the forum would be interested in hosting an ONLINE party to raise some more money for them. Most people host these by using facebook and by emailing out details. Online parties actually work out quite well. For hosting an online party YOU will have the potential to earn free and 1/2 priced Scentsy items! Don't worry though because the commission I would recieve would go to NorCal which is still 25% of sales!! The free and 1/2 priced items come from party rewards that Scentsy offers!! So it is nothing out of my pocket and it doesn't take away from the donation. You can view more information here:

If you would like to set something up or want more info please send me a PM. And.. if you would like to join my team so you can run your own fundraisers or for extra income please visit: for more information! :)

Mom2Rocky 06-16-2011 03:54 PM

Donation to Norcal was sent today.. You can still help though! :)

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