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Princess Manuka HoneyB
13 Months
Hello Everyone. My Name is Ade,
I am now the proud caretaker of Manuka 13weeks old Boxer cross.
Her mother was Boxer/Lab and her father was full blooded Boxer.
So she is 3/4 Boxer and seems to have taken all the boxer traits, looks and temperament.
She is super clever and VERY strong willed, I would sometimes go as far as downright disrespectful :oops:. She can wither you with a look that says "You have no idea what you are doing do you?"
Which is the truth of it. Yet she is the gentlest little packet of love I have ever met.

I grew up with dogs we had three, and even though we walked them too they were definitely my dads' dogs.
To raise a puppy is much harder than I thought it would be and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to learn so much about myself through this wonderful being.

She is obstinate and clever and cheeky and cute, and stubborn and pouty and joyful, and all those things you guys know! Boxers are VERY different to any dogs I've ever been around. This is what makes them so wonderful.

So this is the beginning of the journey for me, I have read and watched as much as I can, and still continue to do so, we spend every moment together and she loves to just sit up straight and watch.... everything.
We have been to puppy classes and she LOVES to play with the other dogs.
I have learned that it is best to feed her after we get home as she pays more attention to the treats when she is actually hungry :LOL:and I have to admit all the work is definitely on my side! :love::LOL::love:
I have looked into further training for her as she matures to direct this intense curiosity she has about life. she is very competitive.

I am pretty crap at forums as I do not spend much time online, I am however so glad to have found this platform for us all to share our experiences. Already reading them I am fortified to know that what I have been going through is all normal!

We are building a strong bond, which takes much more time and focused effort than one would expect. There is no day off at the moment, it is constant consistency. I hadn't realised how inconsistent I had been...
I feel that because Boxers are so intense energy wise, they really force YOU to FOCUS and learn to be calm, and when you don't they sure let you know fast enough.

I have had so many comments about how calm and lovely she is "for a Boxer" and I smile proudly because she is forcing me to be a better human and I in turn am influencing her. It is amazing, what a beautiful gift!

She was actually my birthday gift from my best friend.

I have been ranting away!
I will add photos later and some more info about our time together so far, I am so excited to connect with you all!!

Much love from Manuka and Me.