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  1. Health concerns
    Hello, my Lexi Bug has suddenly gotten very red and droopy eyes. Her right eye is swollen and she will barely open it. When she does it’s very red. Her left eye stays open but looks like her third eyelid keeps trying to cover her eyelid and is very red. She typically has bad allergies (will get...
  2. Health concerns
    Ethoxyquin is a commonly found preservative in dog food. Dog foods with fish meal will typically contain ethoxyquin , because the U.S. Coast Guard requires that all fish meal transported by boat be treated with ethoxyquin, according to USDA (PDF).Ethoxyquin was originally developed as a...
  3. Health concerns
    Improved gut health is just one reason to feed your dog this nutrient-packed food Yogurt has a long, storied history, going all the way back to the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia, around 6000 BC, when herdsmen began milking their animals. Back then, storage containers were made from the...
  4. Health concerns
    10 “People” Foods for Dogs 10 people foods that dogs can eat to provide a fun variety and a great nutritional boost! It's no rare fact that most dogs LOVE "people" food. Here's a list of the top 10 dog-approved "people foods" your dog can eat to increase the variety of their diet and give a...
  5. General Boxer Forum
    Hi, I own a boxer four years back, and train it well. It's perfectly fit in my family. But now I don't have much time to spend with it. So I wanted to have its partner. But I don't know much about the other breeds. Is it possible that a boxer can adjust with any other dog? I am paling to own any...
  6. General Boxer Forum
    I just want to know your thoughts about two breeds. Boxer, and Merle French Bulldog. I own a Boxer, which perfectly suit my habits. But, today many people are also talking about the Merle French Bulldog. Many of my friends recommended me this breed, and the main reason of their recommendation...
  7. Welcome to Boxer Forums
    Hi, I am just a new member here. I am looking for a place to get and share the information about my Boxer Dog, and find this forum.
  8. Welcome to Boxer Forums
    Hey! We’re looking to add a new boxer into our family and we are looking for a puppy from a show dog lineage. A “champion bloodline” if you can show proof of winnings. We are looking for a breeder who has an extensive experience with the breed. I will need OFA hips, CERF, and thyroid testing...
  9. Welcome to Boxer Forums
    Hi there! I found this forum while looking for resources that help me improve my knowledge about Boxer. Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself. I'm here to learn from the experiences of others in this community. Looking forward to interacting with you!
  10. General Boxer Forum
    Hi, I just got a new member in the family that the pet shop where we bought him told us to be a boxer but I'd like your opinion, his name is Rocco, he's 2 months old now
  11. Brags
    Vote for my boxer Thor! You can donate a dollar for a vote or use Facebook for a free vote every day! Vote for Thor to be in Dogster or Catster Magazine and take home a $5,000 cash prize!
  12. Show Off
    Vote for my boxer to be on the cover of America’s favorite pet! Vote for Thor to be in Dogster or Catster Magazine and take home a $5,000 cash prize!
  13. Health concerns
    Sable is about 4.5 months old. Today she took a nap and was fine before but after she started limping. I thought it was just her leg fell asleep, but it went on for about an hour. She is eating fine and wants to play with our other dog just can’t. It seems like it’s in her front legs or...
  14. Training and Behavior
    Sable is about 4.5 months old and today woke up from a nap and started limping. Totally fine before the nap. I thought her leg had just fallen asleep but an hour later she’s still slightly limping. It seems like all she wants to do is sleep. Could this be growing pains or something more serious...
1-14 of 14 Results