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  1. Health concerns
    My 9 year old male boxer has a tumor in his nostril, at first it was small, now it’s almost blocking the nostril and will bleed when he gets to rubbing it. He does have a bad odor now. This started a month maybe a month and a half ago, came on fast, he goes to the vet this Friday. Just got a...
  2. Health concerns
    Our female boxer just had her second MCT removed in the course of the last year. The first vet gave us the option of a biopsy which we declined because we're on SSI and anti cancer treatments would be too expensive. We got a biopsy on the second as that was the condition imposed by the new vet...
  3. Northeast
    I'm. New to this site. I wanted to look into holistic treatment for my 8 yr. Old boxer. She too, just got diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. They didn't give us much choice other than chemo and surgery. But she's already been through 3 surgeries for other benign masses.. I wondered did you...
1-3 of 3 Results