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  1. Health concerns
    Cold weather can cause your dog’s paws to crack due to the dry air. Try moisturizing your dog’s paws with pad moisturizer products topically to relieve the discomfort especially if they seem raw or painful after your pup has been outside.
  2. Food Tips and Diet Info
    Chocolate Raisin Grape Onion Macadamia nuts Alcohol These are the foods toxic for dog
  3. Health concerns
    If you’re looking for a chicken jerky recipe that’s easy, healthy, and one your fur baby will love then you need to try this one! Don’t have a dehydrator? Don’t worry. Today, we’ll be using an oven to dry out our chicken strips. Plus, I’m sharing a few ways you can bump up the nutritional value...
  4. Health concerns
    10 “People” Foods for Dogs 10 people foods that dogs can eat to provide a fun variety and a great nutritional boost! It's no rare fact that most dogs LOVE "people" food. Here's a list of the top 10 dog-approved "people foods" your dog can eat to increase the variety of their diet and give a...
  5. Puppies, Eggheads and Fur Babies
    14 Tips for Puppy Potty Training Success Teaching your new puppy where and when to “go” is a huge milestone in your relationship. In addition to reducing messy potty accidents, housetraining will bring you closer together while helping your furry friend learn the rules of home. Follow these...
  6. Welcome to Boxer Forums
    Hi, I am just a new member here. I am looking for a place to get and share the information about my Boxer Dog, and find this forum.
  7. Show Off
    Recently my dog has gained excess weight compared to the previous months. What about your dog?
  8. General Boxer Forum
    Finding specific reasons and need to have a dog So healthy it shows. With a Pedigree® diet, see the difference in just 6 weeks
1-8 of 8 Results