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  1. Food Tips and Diet Info
    Benji has been struggling with a dry nose for around 5 years ago. We tried everything the vets suggested and nothing seemed to work. Benji has been on the same diet his whole life. Rice and chicken in the evening and a “high quality kibble” through out the day. I thought to myself… let’s try...
  2. Puppies, Eggheads and Fur Babies
    Hello Everyone, I am posting because I need guidance on my dog’s right eye. Ever since we got him it’s always been a bit red and droopy. At his first vet appt when he was 8 weeks old, the vet told me when we finally get him neutered (around 1 year) she would recommend getting eye surgery for him...
  3. Health concerns
    I walked my dog today and she squated to pee on the street she likes the pavement for some reason but nothing came out. Then she started sitting and laying in the grass when we were walking. UTI? Blockage? Or just dog behavior? We do give her treats when she goes so part of me thinks she faked...
  4. Health concerns
    Hi, I'm new, I actually have 2 Yorkies and a Maltese. One of my Yorkies, Max, has this random skin bump on his back. I really need help. I don't know a loT about this. Can you help me? I'm worried about him.
1-4 of 4 Results