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10year old Boxer- Wobbling, Cardiomyopathy

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Hello all, my beautiful 10year old boxer Duke has been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and wobblers! He is deteriorating fast, but like a true boxer has a hefty appetite. He is having accidents in the house, which he never did, both because of his condition and the cortisone medication. Whenever they stop the cortisone, the symptoms get worse, but the vet said long term cortisone use will affect his liver. I am broken! It breaks my heart to see him like this.
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I sympathize with you having been thru this twice, the cardiomyopathy that is. Did they prescribe any heart meds for him? My dogs were on heart medication that did help them a lot for awhile anyway. I used human bed pads on their dog beds to absorb the urine as they would leak during sleep I would put the bed pads down on top of the bed and put folded throws on top and pretty much had a lot of extra laundry for a while. The cardio problems can cause them to wobble when they get up too fast as the heart has a hard time catching up with sudden movements I think if you can possibly consult a Vet specializing in heart issues
Thank you for your reply. Yes he is now on Sotalol 80mg along with all his other medicines. I feel like I’m failing my best friend, no matter what I do, he’s just keeps getting worse as the days go by. This is my first boxer, what beautiful souls, but they have so many issues. Duke has been the text book for all ailments that boxers can possibly suffer from. It is heartbreaking.
I knowthis is a tough one. I thought my heart was breaking everyday that I had to watch my dogs deal with DCM. Vetmedin seemed to help them for a while but after a time that didn’t help anymore and when they quit eating I knew it was time. My female was 7 when she got this my male was 3 I lost them 6 months apart they got DCM from grain free dog food so triple the heart break my little boy never even got to live his normal life, they were both great dogs and I think about them everyday. The food induced kind of DCM seems to progress much faster than the inherited kind, I have a friend that has two with the inherited form one of them just turned 10 doing pretty well so far but also on a lot of medication. I’m sending you virtual hugs right now unfortunately there is only so much you can do and it’s out of your hands, you didn’t let him down. Just love on him everyday tell him what a good dog he’s been and when the time comes make sure it’s easy for him
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