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11 week old puppy coughing

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Our 11 week old had his borderetella (nasal) vaccine 9 days ago. Last night he started coughing. He's not coughing anything up and it does kind of sound like the "hacking up a hairball " sound. Now our oldest boxer did get a cough as a reaction from his borderetella vaccine when he was a puppy but I don't think it was this long after but it was so long ago I cant remember. He's eating well, very active. No other concerns just the cough. Last night quite frequent and today about 4 times so far so not a ton. Has anyone else's developed a cough (or other reaction) 8 days after the vaccine or is it likely something else?
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I guess it’s possible he was exposed before he got the vaccine? Kennel cough is very contagious one of my dogs actually picked it up at the Vets office. I’m not sure how the seasons are progressing in Canada but pollen is in full swing here in the US where I live so it’s been csusing my dogs some problems. I would guess for your puppy have him checked out if he has a fever it’s likely kennel cough but there are other things like pneumonia to be concerned with as well.
The vaccine can actually cause kennel cough. You just need to let it run its course. You can give a spoonful of honey 3-4 times a day to coat his throat or Benelyn DM twice daily. If he has any coloured nasal discharge (yellow or green) he needs to see the vet for antibiotics.
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