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18wk pics of Shyla and Trakkar

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Ok, I haven't posted in a while, so here are some pics that I took today.  Trakkar and Shyla are really growing up.  The potty training has gotten much better and on most nights, if I don't feed or water after 7pm they will go the entire night without a potty mess.  We have been feeding them Canidae All Life Stages since around 8wks old and they seem to be doing quite well on it.

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OMG those are such cute pics! I LOVE the last one, it's so adorable! I love boxers  :)
man everytime i see a white or a fawn puppy i get so confused as what i want my next one to be!!!! one second it's white and another it's fawns and then the flashy brindles show up and im lost. Your puppies are gorgeous. Trakkar's nose got darker didn't it?
If I remember, last vet check was
Shyla 25lbs
Trakkar 28lbs
Your flashy fawn kinda looks like my baby. :D
They're both beautiful, and WTG on the potty training :D
They are looking great and growing so fast.
awwww...i love the fawn one...fawns are the best...they just have something about them that makes me melt.
both look soo good! and getting big :D
whos  who lol... the white ones a cutie... of course they both are lol
Wow, have they grown!!!! Looking great tho  :) Yup, that last pics has to be my favorite....Glad to hear the potty training is going so well.....
Sorry it took me so long to respond back.  Trakkar is the white male and Shyla is the flashy fawn.
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!!!  Those are great pics, especially the one of Shyla and your son!!!!
Does Takkar got some bald spots? It just looks like he is missing some fur
i thought it looked more like red patches where he had been laying down. i thought it was cute..reminded me of when you fall asleep and wake up with a red mark on your face or maybe that is just me lol. i love trakkar!
aquagirl900\";p=\"67638 said:
Does Takkar got some bald spots? It just looks like he is missing some fur
He does have an area of thin hair on his right front shoulder.  Shyla and Trakkar play rough together and a couple of weeks ago, she scratched/nipped him in this area and ever since then his hair has thinned out in this area.  They are due for their next checkup this week, so we will have the vet check it out at that time.  Some of the other spot are actually some fawn and black patches coming out now.  I think he's part dalmation. :lol:
lol...Bo has a thin area of hair...was bald when we got him...has been thin since he was bitten by a spider as a puppy...
gorgeous babies!!!!  Gotta agree with everyone else, that last pic is priceless!!
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