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2 female Boxers in the same house?

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Hi Friends, been a while since I posted. Our Gracie is now 5 years old, and I think it's time to add to our family. We are going to view a breeder tomorrow. We were set on getting another female, but I read on another site that adding a baby female to a house with an existing older female is bad. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Gracie is not aggressive or dominant. Any success stories or horror stories? Thank you in advance!
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"NO!" Boxer rescue policy is
"No female Boxers, in homes that already have a female Boxer! Experienced owners ... maybe???"

If you already have a "female??" Then get a male and call it day. Inter female aggression is notorious among Boxers!! And they are most likely the worst of lot???

Males fight to Breed, Females fight to Breath, is how it goes! I am one of those "experienced owners" and I luv the girls! But I will only have one female and "she" will be a Boxer.

And so you know ... it could be as long as two years before you become "fully" aware that you have a "problem???" Most likely there will be signals ...wayyy before that?? But the average dog owner is most likely gonna miss them??? And sure we have members here that do have multiple "Female Boxers" and they have "no issues??" But as a wise man once said ..."Do you feel lucky ... Punk??"

I'm pretty good at the dog thing these days ... but two female Boxers?? Is not something I would do or advise! Just get a male and call it a day. :)
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Oh that's more than fair?? And yep there are members on here that have more than one female Boxer??? I think there was/is someone that actually has four females and no issues???

But they did not give much in the way of "details" of what they did to make that work?? So you know was it just sheer dumb luck ie the right combination of female personalities?? Or was it "Skill" proper management, Rules/Structure and Limitations?? They did not say and "we" don't know ... what they did???
I read many horror stories. Seems once the 2nd female matures then the problems start. They will both want to be the dominant one. Even though yours is laid back now she is the dominant one as an only dog, and when the young one wants to take over the problems will start.Sometimes it works .I am on another forum and we just had a discussion I'll see if I can find some of the examples and copy & paste them here.
Well stated and spot on. :)
OK, here's my long 2 mature female boxer story.
We had a 7-8-year-old female that we found when she was dumped when she was around 6 months. Her name was Zeda.We had an older alpha female name Chole and they got along great.
We lost the older one Chole when she was 10, and Zeda became my baby.

On vacation at the beach and missing our Zeda when we come across a 7-year-old very friendly female being walked by 2 women. We asked we can pet her and tell them we also have a boxer. Then the women replies "do you want another?". Turns out the lady was getting a divorce and her ex had the dog chained in the backyard. We asked what her name was and she replied "Chole"! The name of our first boxer.
So, we came home with a new boxer to add to our family. Thought we did the right thing and had them meet down the street, but it didn't work out and there was a major fight!
Only then did I did the research on this site and others and read that 2 mature female boxers are one of the worst combos.
I was determined to beat the odds, so we went through 6 months of keeping them apart and professional training for a couple of months and then I trained both 3 times every day for 4 months. Including sharing rugs and beds, and licking each other through the wrought iron gates in our house. They were the best behaved and trained boxers I had ever seen.
Finally put them together on Thanksgiving weekend at a neutral location and it went great!
The next 3 months were wonderful. They slept together and played together. Whenever it got a little rough all it took was a "stop" and they instantly stopped the roughhouse.
I was feeling pretty proud of myself and of my babies! Until they had one fight that took two of us to separate them, then a month later a major fight that took 3 of us and it was ugly. If my wife would have been the only one home at the time it would have been really bad.

Both were raised as only females, but I believe that for most cases 2 mature female boxers is a bad idea. And the rescue policy confirms my belief.
WOW!! And, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing. :)

And most likely the way you came across your second females ... is the only way I would wind up with two female Boxers!!

And by and large most Boxer owners (especially with girls) can't even conceive of there girls nutting up as it were??? But I did see it twice with my Struddell, she went after Gunther over his lack of "Respect" for baby kittens being born??

And that was not female v female ... so not combatants, that was daddy's girl so Gunther just wanted to get the heck out of Dodge!! But two females bent on killing each other ... good lucky with that!

But that was just a "quirky situation" that I unknowingly setup?? But my Band Dawg and my GSD ... that's when I learned what living with a ticking time bomb was like??? And ... I found out the same thing you did ... "Formal Obedience Training, will not solve behavioral issues! :

And I dare say that by and large as a "group" most Boxer owners are not really ready to be "Dog Trainers??" Pretty sure if we did a poll ... most of our dogs are not crated at night?? They sleep in our beds, they get on the furniture and they are free to roam through the house at will. Other than not jumping on people and being to obnoxious ... they get to do pretty much what they please???

That works well for a multi Boxers home and Male/Female combinations but when you have two females and a "loose structure" it's just a matter of time, till problems arise. And then ... it's a whole nother world!

"Crate and Rotate" is the simplest solution ... one dog crated, one dog out. They are never left unsupervised! Most people aren't willing to do that, much less try and go beyond it?? Most people are just looking to add a another dog and get on with life. Not ... to become "Dog Trainers" but you know ... if one tries the "Two Female" thing and it does not work out ... then that's where they are headed and to that I'll add uh "Good Luck" finding a competent qualified trainer to help them.

But I have to say that we do have a member here that says "two fighting females issues can be solved??" I trust them so I'll take them at there word. :)

Oh well enough for nw but I do have a question or two?? By and large my whole story is what I got "wrong" with my first formerly Human Aggressive Over Size Working Line GSD! He uh ... did not much care for people??? So you know definitely not a Boxer???
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Ugh ... well the, "Good New's??" Is you do seem to understand what your up against!! The bad new's is that with two dog's not getting alone?? Two Female Boxer's not getting alone ... is about as bad as it get's!!!

And geez not only to female's but two litter mate's?? I don't really se how you could do worst than that??? But it is what it is. So what now??

So you know, on Dog Forum's as a general rule there are not a lot of "Pro's!" Most don't do Dog Forum's. Cuz you know on the internet ... "Everybody," is an expert!!

And yeah I was one of those! But ... fortunately for you ... I got called out, "On Here," by a Pro! And trust me on this ... I could be a serious "tool!" But we had a "Pro," on here (although few knew at the time??)

And he managed to stop my rampaging ... (see Germanshepardforum) by asking one simple question ...."did I think," that two fighting Boxer female Issues could not be solved?? And that question ... stopped me cold!! It took me day's to reply and when I did ...; "I had to yes ...; I believe it can be resolved!" That wa a few year's ago and it was a relaviation and it did turn me in to much less of rampaging AH!

Cuz my answer after several day's of inflection was "well yeah ultimately with the right process," I did believe a two female fighting issue could be solved!

That Pro is still here as far as know?? But he is now BTE 2 ... if he is still here and he does not your thread try PM'ing him!

But that aside ... right now you are seeking a Pro for help! A good call on your part but ... a three week board and train ... I don't think would work??

As to why exactly ... it may not work is simple. The dog's aren't in your home! If you send them "away" they aren't in your home! They aren't dealing with "you" and there live's would be formally structured! They are told what to do and when ... they will be "Crated Trained," and there every move will be dictated!

That is not necessarily the same situation they will face when they get home??? But whatever ... I did not have the two girls' fighting thing to deal with myself. But I can match that with two male's ... 113 lbs of Over Size Working GSD and 85 lbs of American Band Dawg ... my dog's were fine, no injury's to them cuz I was fast! I had about five dust up's. I was quick and my dog's were fine ... but me ... not so much?? I went to the ER and got stitches in my finger and have to this day a permanently bent little finger from trying to pry Rocky's jaw's open from Gunther's neck!! I guess that was 10 year's ago and my little finger is till bent ?? Good times, Good times ...

Still live and learn and I am gonna guess that you are a "Typical Boxer/Dog Owner??" And that would mean ... sigh the dog's, sleep with you in your bed?? So not Crate trained?? They free roam indoor's and they get up on the furniture as they please??

And most of the conflict's happen indoors?? I don't know but rule one ... is "you can't control a dog indoor's," if you don't know where they are?? Trust me on this ... if you send the dog's to a three week board and train ... those trainer's "will" always, know where the dog's are and what they are doing ... but will you at home??? If the dog's at home are allowed to free roam indoor's ... hop on the furniture at will and sleep with in you in the bed?? "Good Luck" with that ....

A "Pro," can help but they can help best by "teaching you what you need to do!" And any "Pro," that can help will tell you that "all issue's" start at home and how the dog's live with you! "

And the ones that could actually help you ... would tell you what "you" need to do "in your home," to help make it better! If they say they can take them away, and make them better in three weeks ... I doubt that will work, in the long run?

I got more but these are (some) of the key "detail's." And as you know, if your dog's are carving each other up ... your in deep "Cra

But you are looking for help. And you need a "Pro!" But not just "any," Pro? At the minimum ... you need someone that deal's with Dog on Dog Aggression! And not all of them do! And if you then say two female Boxer's ... they most likely take a big breath and say ... "OK then???"

It can be done ... I'm pretty sure but Joe Q average "Dog Trainer," can't get it done?? ANd I would be pretty cautious with a "Board and Train??" Cuz top of my head ... an E-Collar trainer ... won't be able to "fix this crap." But what state are you in?? You might be close to a couple trainer's that have "You Tube," sites that I could recommend??

But worst comes to worst, there is always, "Crate and Rotate," for well life. That would pretty much suck but some people do it. More common on the Germanshepardforum ... it would seem. SOme dog's can be real hard core tool's ....

Well this is enough for now. :)
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SIgh ... it is terribly frightening! And I can tell you as a veteran of breaking up in home pack fights and (Me) going to the ER in the process a Male Band Dawg and a GSD ... Rank Drive issues?? A GSD issue ... I had no clue??

Still that was (nothing) compared to the sheer speed and ferocity, I saw from my Baby Girl, Struddell when she objected to Gunther's ... lack of respect, over Baby Kittens being Born??

I messed up ... I had both dog's in the room to observe and Struddell watched with Respect and Silence as she kitten was born. Struddell was on ne side of me and Gunther on the other about eight feet between then. Gunther was more exacted and greeted each brith with a bark?? No big deal to me?? Struddell however thought other wise??? One Two Three and that was freaking it! IF Dad was not gonna teach to show respect ... then she would!!

She cleared me in a single bound and ripped into Gunther, WTH??? She got Gunther by the nose before I could response! Gunther got clear and just wanted to get the Hell of Dodge cuz you know this was Daddy's baby girl ... let him deal with her!

I had to scoop her up and you won't find what I did online! But she was just flat gone! The word "Beserk," comes to mind ... she was Gone! Just insane pure rage?? I held her tight to my head so she could not bite me and got her outside??

And she was still insane, so I could not let her go??? FOr fear she'd hurt herself in a blind rage?? So I pinned her to the ground by laying on her. After several minutes ... I finally felt ehr relax and let her go. And she pop's up with a smile and look's at me with a smile as if to say ... "Hey Dad what's up???

Now for me ... I f'd up and set that situation in play! But it was an eye opener! But Female, Female Aggression and that is the kind of intensity you are looking at! Males fight to breed females fight to breath! And the girl's are serious intense and freakishly fast!!

If you allow them to get within striking distance of another female they have an issue with?? You won't stop them! It would be a battle to the death!! The girl's don't play ... believe that!

OK back and point and to the OP if that "trainer," told you "The trainer told us since they were separated for 2 months at 8 weeks they may not even know they are sisters." Good Luck with that! He does not have a "Freaking Clue!" And I can guarantee you that they will not have both of those dog's sleeping in his bed with him/her!

They will both be sleeping in separate crate's! Don't waste your money! WIth "whoever," that is??? Don't waste your money! The three questions I asked ... the bed, the freeming and the furniture are not just WAG's??

Nope been there done that ands seen it thousand's of times online! And every single time ... if you ask ... the owner of the issue prone dog's is doing those thing's ... "Believe That!"

So with this "new," information?? I would say ... step one is both "Girl's," need to get out of your bed and Crate Train them!! If your willing to do that?? Then you "may," have a chance of keeping both of them?? If your not, it's not really gonna go well?? I follow a lot of the top trainer's that deal with Dog Aggression issues and if you say both of my dog's sleep in my bed with me ... they won't take you as a client.

And in the real world and speaking for myself ... I wanted another "White Boxer Female," but my freaking wife ... messed that up! She roped me into a Female Boxer/Pit .. that was already Crate Trained w/o issues! Bella was fine in the Crate ... me not so much??

Soo, she sleep's with me in my bed! So now if I still want a girl White Boxer?? Both dog's will have to be crated??? And that ticks me off!!! So yeah ...
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My personal opinion is that it will be difficult even after training to have two females get along in the same house. I don't think they know they are littler mates and by separating them for a few months they will forget each other and be friends again. We have new neighbors and they have two females, they do not get along either. They told me they bred , a few times, thinking that would help. Of course it did not and they are poorly bred non tested boxers to begin with. They now spayed and they keep them separated at all times. They use baby gates to keep one on one side of the house and alternate, same with going outside, they go out at different times. Now two neutered males usually are fine together.
The OP's question is "slightly different??" Now granted the situation is "Absolutely the Worst of the Worst!" And yeah granted the best situation is with two neutered males but hey switch up breeds and you can mess that one up also?? :(

But they did ask ... "find a trainer??" Not really my thing?? In the home "Dog on Dog," is pretty much the worst situation a homeowner can face! Been there done that got the stitches! But ... they are actually asking about finding a trainer to help them??

I am not a pro myself and I earned my "stitches the hard way!" But ton's of owner's have thrown cash down the toilet with "Trainers" that claim (they) and "Board and Train," will fix their issues??

Op is looking for help ... and had questions about "finding a trainer? Back in the da, hmm 14 years ago?? I did not know the "difference," between a Dog Trainer and a Dog Behaviorist?? Well today I do and it turns out I am more of a "Behaviorist," than I am a "Dog Trainer??" ANd if I don't have a Dog with any "seriousist," behavioural issue's (Pack fight's and wanting to kill people and stuff??")

Yeah I'm not that good??? But I digress ... now a day's I note "what to look for in a trainer!" ANd at the minimum any competent qualified trainer, would train the "Place Command!"

That is "apparently??" Just a given?? If a trainer, does not train "Place," or even knows what that is ... I would not bother with them! And while your friends are "successfully their battling girl's." I'm pretty sure neither dog know's the "Place Command??"

And even my Bella ...sigh A-Hole that she can be know's "Place!" And since I already a thread on "Place," thankfully, I won't go into more detail. :)

But when "finding a trainer??" And if a "Trainer," does say ... they deal with "Dog Aggression??" Then most likely they don't?? Occasionally getting the crap bit out of you, is not everyone's cup of tea?? Now "Boxer specific" ... the only trainer I am aware of that has at least seen (two female Boxer Crap) is on here?? And that would BTE2!

And well "back in the day, online," I could be a real A-Hole! If you look up chip18 Germanshepardforum and Aggression ... you can see my work! :)

But hey in my defense ... most "Pro's," don't do Dog Forum's, cuz you know everybody is an expert?? So as far as I knew ... he was just JQP and he had his opinion and I had mine?? But and it was a few year's ago ... he stopped my rampaging cold with one question!

He asked me if "I," thought that Female on Female Aggression could not be fixed?? No one had ever asked me that before?? And it took me a few day's to reply. And when I did ... I had to acknowledge, that well ... "yes," .. and while I don't know how exactly?? I did "acknowledge," that female/female Boxer Aggression could be solved, because that is apparently ... that is what he does also??

As he is "apparently" the Boxer Guy?? But he does not show his work??? Youtube ... and the only thing I "know," is that he is Tennessee? And again many years ago he had said, he been working with 80 Boxers!!!

The OP does not show their location?? So you know it's hard to make recommendation??. But a lot of the "Pro's," have local connections.

And they know trainer's that they can recommend across the Nation.

Jeff Gellman ... pretty much seems to know everyone around the World! And I know he can recommend local trainers for others because I have asked him for local recommendations for other's. :)

But these days ... I tend to favor Larry Khron (also in Tennessee) and mostly because with my work with Rocky ... I seemed to work just like he does ??

And here is a lecture he did on Dog on Dog Aggression.

Bottom line all problems ... "Start at home and how the dog lives with you!

And of course in New York ... there is Tylor Muto
Not a dog's living in the same home issue but yeah ... Shelly is one of the worst of the worst!
: Tyler Muto

And there is also the "Good Dog Guy," and he has locations in LA and New Orleans and again not dog on dog but a real deal I will mess you up ... meet Gus! :

Now all those guy's deal with Dog Aggression, as a general rule! ANd they have dealt also with Dog on Dog. I have no idea where they are but I know that if the OP tell's them "they heard
on Boxerforum, they are pretty good?? Do they know any local trainer's
that could help them with there dog's issues ... they would be willing to help!

And as for me sigh ... I just know what has gone wrong??

First hand knowledge to start. And I would say as far as Structure/Rules and Limitations go ... Boxer owner's are the worst of the worst??? Our dog's pretty much get away with uh ... whatever they want?? And most of the time ... that's just fine! :)

But sometimes under some conditions ... not so much?? And sigh ... all one has to do watch. And I will guarantee you, that everytime, you see two housemates ... you will find.

The Dog's sleep in the owner's bed.
The Dog's get on the furniture
And the Dogs free roam indoors!

Everytime there is a conflict ... those three factors are in play! And any trainer that can "actually,"
help an owner would say ... "that crap need's to change!"

Jeff Gellman for one ... won't accept clients, that refuse to crate train their dog!

At any rate the folks you speak off are doing the best they can ... with what they know "now??"That would not work for me?? Dog's don't have any requirements to like "each other?But in "my house," I expect my "dog's to be together??

And for me ... all my dog's are trained in "Place," and if I had an "issue," they would no longer "Free Roam," indoors'. If they have "issue's, they'd be in "Place," indoors PERIOD! And if they "broke Place?? Indoor's ... I'd be all over them!!! They would know ... what they did "Wrong!" You don't freaking break place!!! Why would not matter!

Live and learn I never did with Rocky, and Gunther took the burnt of my mistakes and I ... went to the ER for stitches! Live and learn I suppose???
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Sigh and that is the problem, Sexual Maturity and Genetics. And layer on top of that "Females," in conflict will scare the living crap out of you! It's inter female aggression and "Boxer's" are the "Worst of the Worst!" And by and large no one believes that (there baby girl could not go Berserk?) because they have never seen it?

But I managed to "invoke," Berserker Mode, in my "Baby Girl," over Baby Kittens being born, and she took exception, to my "Bands Dawg's," lack of respect, for the process and she made her objections known! It was all I could do to get "One," dog under control, much less two dog's ... that were trying to "kill," each other!

It's not good! The best advice would be to "Rehome," the new comer? Short of that would be more of a "lifestyle change for you and the dogs?" At home anyway, cuz most likely that is where the "issues," tend to happen?

No "Free Roaming in the house," No up on the furniture, and certainly no sleeping in your bed." Now that is just some of the basic, "I have a dog with issues, stuff." But with two girl's I don't know if it would matter? And I would have to add that clause to my favorite "I have a dog with issues, techniques," The Place Command and Sit of the Dog.

I will say doing and training those could not hurt? But with this (situation) ... I don't know if they would help either? But will work, would be to keep them apart ie Crate and Rotate.

If you want to keep both "anyway?" That is the only way (with constant, vigilance still) that you can "Guarantee, You Won't Have Another Fight."

It's a tough spot to be in, it's like living with a ticking time bomb. What will set them off? I'm sorry this is happening for you guys. :(

So that is the best "Reasonable Advise," that anyone can do. But ... as it happens, I do know of at least "One Trainer," that can help ... with this specific issue. And most likely it would be a "Board and Train?" He is or at least was on here. BTE2 I have no contact info and I don't know if he still post? But he does a board and train and last I heard he was in Tennessee?

I know he has seen this before and at the minimum he has worked with hundreds of Boxer's? If this is an "issue?" That can be fixed ... he would be "The Guy." Now in theory, l could do it? But "Talk is cheap," I'll take a "Human Aggressive/Pack Fighting A-Hole of a Working Line GSD ... anyday over, Two Ticked Off Female Boxer's that want to kill each other!

The first I have done, the second is just a theory, on my part. Good luck with your choice in anycase and sorry this is happening. :(
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This thread is two years, old and no updates, from the OP? So???
Understood! And "this," is not a crime! Even those of us that have been here for years ... on occasion renew an old thread. And in this case the OP is still here, but has said nothing about her situation in years?

In anycase, what is your situation? I like "perfer," the "Females myself, but my wife sigh ... roped me into a "Female Boxer/Pit, rescue ... that is more than "Boxer Enough," that a "Boxer Female would be a hard "NO!" Ticks me off ..., still if I "Rescued a Stray Female Boxer, off the street ... that dog would be mine!

But two female "Boxers," in the same home ... is most "Definitely Not Recommended!" Still some people on here have done it? But I don't if they are still here? And they did not say what they did/do to make it work? At any rate what is going on??
UH OH ... well I knew I was (maybe full of crap??) It's out of my hand's but I found "online," an American Line White Boxer that looks alot like my long gone girl! But she is in Southern Ca and I am in Northern NV. So I don't know if they will do transport? And she does not like Cat's either, LOL (not an issue for me!) So most likely my chances of getting her are pretty low? :(

But if that does not work out ... in my town ... there is also a GSD ... that needs a home ... that does not like "Toddlers!" LOL ... tell me something, I don't know. :)

Tell me something about a GSD, I don't know ... So maybe I will wind up with two girls anyway??? Or a GSD that does not like kids?? :)
Oh this is her, ► Boxer - Anaheim, CA
Sigh ...yeah it was an, Emotional Response ... not a logical one. And yeah, "I like a peaceful house!" Those are wise words!

And one does not really understand, what that means until they "Screw it up!.... " ! found out when I "added," my Wl GSD, to my pair. And I lit a fuse? I found out later that a GSD is a "High Rank Drive Dog?"

In a nutshell, a dog's desire to seek "social status," with the "Pack of Dogs," three or more. You can be the general but I am gonna be the "Sargent!" With two "Female GSD's," that is for the most part what would be going on? But with "Boxer Females?" That is not the issue?

It's more like ... One of Us, has to go! And first dog tends to say ... "I am not leaving!" But one of us has got to go! That happens much more often with "Boxer Girl's," then with GSD Girl's cuz (I think Boxer's are so cute, that they think, well that is not gonna happen, cuz you know ... Look at her.)

But yeah, I forgot about "Boxer Rage?" I managed to invoke it with my Stru when she took, serious object to my "Bands Lack of Respect," to Baby Kittens being born! Boxer Rage. She cleared me in a single six foot bound and lit into "Gunther!" And he wanted nothing to do with her and got the he$$ out of Dodge! Let Daddy deal with this crap!

And she was gone! Just sheer Rage! I had to scoop her up get her outside and hug her tight so as not to get bit! And take her outside and lay on her till, "she chilled the heck out!" And finally I felt her relax and let go and she looks at me and smiles as if to say "Hi Dad, what's up?" Now that never happened again but I remember is the sheer "Speed, and insanity! She was just gone!"

Boxer Rescues (which this not) see that kinda crap all, the time with two females? So there policy is "Not to put female Boxers in home that already have female Boxer. And "Technically," I don't have a "Female Boxer," exactly??

But you know ... "Boxer enough??" So I messed up and got excited, Bella was first and she sleeps with me (I De-Crate Trained Her) she free roams the house and she gets on the furniture at will! All of which ... would be issues??

Sigh ... I'll have to let her go, if they contact me? As I just know better, now if I had found her on the street ... that would be a bit different? But going out of way to do something "Stupid?"

I guess I can't do that? But hey there is a young male GSD, available near me? Close to me and guess what ... and guess what? "He does not like kid's ... now that sounds familiar. :)
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I have had a series of bad neighbors in the house next to me that was being used for a rental (thank goodness I think) it’s been remodeled and sold it’s under contract now hoping for good neighbors now, but one family had two female dogs one was a Chow and the other Pitbull I have never seen fighting like that it was horrible I went round and round with those idiots to keep those dogs separated or rehome one of them horrible injuries to both dogs it was a nightmare living next to them and very stressful, Animal control would do nothing either about it.
Yeah generally speaking Animal Control, is pretty useless? Does the dog have, Food, Water and Shelter? If yes? Then "We are done here." Have a nice day."

Next in order of "AC." Uselessness is "Barking Dogs" With my neighbors to my left ... we have a long history of calling animal control about their barking dogs! Border Collie or Herder thing, *Queensland something?" She would howl for hours in the middle of the night for three years! We would call A/C would come out? And nothing would happen! And on one call the Cop's, come out and I get hassled for a "Gun Threat?? That was fun! If "you," keep calling "AC," at some, point they will decide that "you are the issue?"

But back on point and as "you," said ... "I like a Peaceful Home" with my dog's! And turning the resident dog's "World Upside Down," because of something you want to do ... is well BS!"

And sadly, I already did that once with when I got "Rocky?" At the time, I did know? It was a three dog household with two male dog's! But the new "Breed," was the wrong dog for dog's I had ie a Boxer (female) and a "Band Dawg." It did not go well ... And I was the one that went to the "ER!" Getting in the middle of "Dog Fight's!"

Lot's of back story that but bottom line, is run my dog's with a "pretty structure!" The free roaming, the furniture and sleep with me. I always have and I guess, I always will? Back in the day ... with two dog's, male Band Dawg and Female Boxer ... and that worked out great!

But you know live and learn, hopefully? And now I know that two females, is just generally ... "Not a Good Idea?" Most likely there are lot's of "He$$ish combos? But two (Boxers) or you know a Boxer/Pit Female and a Female Boxer? Are a guaranteed fail? And two Female GSD's, in the same home?? Good luck with that!

But yeah there are other "Messed Up Combo's?" That people can come up ... apprently? As "Joepond," said a female PitBull and a Female Chow .... who does that??

And if you aren't prepared ... to "Crate and Rotate?" Then don't do "Female's as a pair!" And sigh ... I don't want to do that? I don't want to "Rescue," a dog and make there life worst?

I could have made "changes," in how I live with "Bella," five years ago ... the Crate, The Free Roaming, The Furniture and The Bed, but I choose not to ....

And it's not fair to Bella, to turn her life upside down on a whim?? Now if I had found her (the rescue) on the street? Keeping her would be a bit different? But to take that dog out of situation where she is safe ... that is a bit different?

Aww well, if I found one ... then hopefully? I can maybe find another "White American Line, Boxer," that looks just like Struddell?
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It's a real shame that some people are just unaware of simple protocol, A Chow is aggressive enough, now just add a Pit in the mix especially if two females.
Aww well I have a pretty poor/guilty history with Chows ... not for something I did, but for something I did not do?
I could have taken a "Chow Puppy," and most likely, not have him turn into an "Goat Mauling. A-Hole," that I would have to climb over my fence ... to save the neighbors goats, from but I chose not to ... cuz you know Chows are A-Holes? But that's another story.

But yeah "Chows," are serious dog's! One person dog's, cat killers and Dog Aggressive? That is what they say? And Pit's are well Pit's. And aside from "Game Bred Pit's?" They tend to luv, 8 people and "can," get alone well with other dog's? And note ... I have had my issues with loose "Pit's," but friends on GSDForum ... assured me that those dog's ... were not "Game Bred Pit's!" Those are not gonna be the dog's you see ... "running lose on the street!"

But I digress. Boxers are Molossers Dog's And just as a general rule, Molossers Dog's, (females) tend to not "get alone with other females?" And "Boxer," are soo "Cute," and no one could ever imagine ... there baby girl nutting up???

But I managed to invoke "Boxer Rage," (the baby kitten thing.") And it left me shell shocked! I dealt with it, and we both came out ... unharmed! But that is because my "Formally Dog Aggressive Band Dogge," wanted no part of "Daddy's "Nut Ball,Baby Girl!" He said "let Daddy deal. with this crazy crap! Yeah ... that was something and what I remember most is she was so fast! It just happened once and never again ... but yeah. And that time I had to deal with "ONE," dog not two dog's wanting to kill each other!

That was due to my lack of understanding, of what was going on between the two? Stru was quite and respectful of the process (of Brith) and Gunther was excited and announced each birth with a loud bark and a play bow?
And by kitten number four ... she had enough! And if I was not gonna make him Shut the He$$, up? Then she would!

Gunther did get a slight nip on the nose and cleared the room and left me to deal with her. Which I did and neither of us got hurt but wow!

So yeah "choosing," to maybe possibly sail, into those kinda waters with "two girl's?" Would not be wise? It's kinda like "The Highlander," with Duncan Mac Cloud of the clan Mac Cloud, "There can be only one!" :)
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Chip I think your making the right move in not bringing another dog in. Be it a female boxer or even another GSD. Honestly people today want to sue you whenever they can and taking in dogs with known issues is a lot of work for you and your household. That is to keep you and them safe and secure. I personally think and you probably don't but a nice male boxer that looks like struddell would be a better fit and now that you have trained other dogs with problems it will be a breeze.
Oh I really have no issues with a male Boxer. That is what I wanted when I started to look for a Boxer. After I lost my first Boxer/Pit.... I wanted to try and recapture what I had with him and since I already had ... "Pit," enough with my Band Dogge, maybe a Boxer?? But it could not be a "Fawn Dog, because Stewie, was Fawn. He only made it to almost a year old and I lost him due to a position, I put him in which he was not trained for ... And for years when I saw a "Fawn Boxer," I would burst into tears. PTSD ... so no Fawn Dog, then my wife found Hedi a 8 week old pup, but she had "Parvo," and I she was at the vet during the day and I administered IV"s to her at home ... for a week.SHe was a game little girl but just to small and "Parvo," took her from me ...

So now that was two colors of Boxer that broke my heart just to see. So that is why I went to a "White Boxer's," once I found out there was such a thing?? That did work better, I had her for 10 years ... although DM struck her down in year eight. But still ... I had a life time of good memories associated with her ... So another dog that looked just like her seemed ideal??

But I was really not thinking clearly. I did not want to get any girl dog because I wanted another female Boxer. But two years after we lost Stru, we lost Rocky, so now we had no dog?

And I moped for years while trying to find another white Boxer ... that looked like Stru, which was a change for me. And Marilyn tried to help by asking around and that how is she found Bella (Boxer/Pit) which is how I started down the Boxer path. So that was fine but a "Girl??" I knew what that meant for my chances of getting a "Boxer Girl!"

Now frankly ... I would have still taken her but she was gonna be a "Foster," as far as I was concerned. But on a walk ... and with me doing something stupid ... she was on a 15 foot line in scrub brush and slipped her harness and she was gone!? Out in the desert in day creek bed behind Dollar General.

I had to go home and tell Marilyn I lost the dog. And she was "crushed!" At that point I knew that "if," I found here ... the fostering and re-homeing thing was off the table! So I went back to the park lot it was winter and very cold. I got questioned by the cops at one o'clock in the morning as I was to what I was doing? I explained trying to find my dog. And they OK and Good Luck. I saw at 3 o'clock in the morning. Three coyotes, heading down there towards where I lost her ... so I grabbed a handful of rock's and headed after them and listened for the sounds of fights??

Not smart but my dog sooo, I heard nothing and finally at about six in the morning I went home. Aww well, the rest of the story ... is "Bella," was not the as "Dumb," as I thought? She was gone from us for 24 hours.But she did not spend the night out in the NV desert alone and afraid and fighting with Coyotes?

Nope when she finished doing whatever? She went back to Dollar General to look for me? I had left to tell Marilyn what had happened after searching for her an hour? But she went back to the store followed a lady into the store and back outside to her car. And when opened her car door Bella hopped in. So she said OK and took her home.

We got a line on her where about, when we went back to Dollar General and asked "Have You Seen This Dog?"And a clerk said yes, her friend took her home, her is her number. And she came back with glowing reviews. She likes kid's (the lady had two) cat's she had two and dog's ... she had two furry dog's.

She said she would have been happy to keep her. So Bella came back home with glowing reviews and a new coat (the lady felt she would be to cold in the yard, playing with her dog's. So the only thing Bella learned from the experience is that "running away," is a lot of fun! And I learned that "NO," I would not be re-homing her. And sigh ... no female Boxer for you. :(

But we are doing good and she does get to run of leash (under controlled circumstances) we do line of sight only, stay out of the brush and uh "NO," Bunny chasing! :)

Also with the economy in the tank the costs are becoming over-bearing. Just for dog food I am spending at minimum $250. a month. Then treats, grooming (even doing it myself), vet. I could be sitting comfortably, LOL I went to Walmart the other day and was about to pick up a jug of litter, tidy cat, I was paying 9.99-11.99 it was 17. I said to myself $17. for the cat to potty in and be thrown away...I don't think so. Found a cheaper brand but if this keeps up I'll toss them out the door. (not really I just couldn't). But you can bet the shelters are going to be a lot fuller.
Yeah the cost of everything has gone up! And Bella does get lot's of treats! Including a half of a Jack in the Box, Jr Bacon Burger Cheese Burger a could times a week, when I go into town. She gets half when I come home and the other half the next day, but she does not know I take the Bacon off of hers. :)

But for the cat sand. If you have a Cost Co, near you? 42 pounds of Scoop Away, cat liiter is 12 dollars. A membership so far is 60 dollars a year. Or if you have a friend that has a membership they can get for you ...

And the grooming thing? You have the Poodle now. Do you clip his coat? I like dog's with short hair it cut's down on grooming. That is also why I stay away form long haired dog's. That is what (also) took me by surprise with our GSD?
The fur, the Fur! Bag's of it twice a year. And you either brush it out or it goes everywhere! Who knew?

But no I have no problem with male dog's. But I do think Males are easier to train? I remember with Struddel, I would say Struddel NO! So often that I feared she would think it was her name?? But then one day I called Struddel, to her and I saw the wheels spinning and she came bounding to me! :)

I have no problem with male Boxers, I just have alot of history with the girl's more good that bad. I just saw that dog and kinda lost my mind.
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Yeah I get it. I always had females but switched to males. NO Costco but we have a Sam's I should check them out. I have been ordering dr. elsey's. it last longer and doesn't have a lot of dust. Ugh can't deal with dusty litter. And yes I now groom my poodles. Ever since covid prices doubled . The young one has been going to PetsMart but I will also sort doing him. I can do almost as good as they do. LOL I really don't find a whole lot of difference in training be it a male or female, just find the females more independent, both in GSD,Rotties and Poodles. The males tend to want to stay closer.
Hmm well I think, Sam's Club and Costco are somehow affiliated? And I just went and checked and the "Scoop Away," seems to be "Dust Free." How many cat's do you have?

I am now, down to two from a high point of 14 or so ... house cat's. And I have no idea how old they are?? But they have to be 15+???

How many Poodles do you have? I thought it was just the one? And do you use "Electric Clippers on his, hair or fur?? I am not sure what they have but I guest it must be hair cuz, it keep's growing?? I guess GSD's, have a double coat?? And they will "blow, the fluff out, by the ton!" On a yearly basis and it is a lot of fluff!

And yeah I think I would have to agree that the females are more independent! The only dog that ever got pass me in 17 attempts on Rocky, while walking him. Was a (Female!) I outlined the details in my "Thread on Protecting your dog." But the high lights" She set a perfect ambush and I walked "Rocky," right into it! Pretty sure "she," had figured out ... "hey this guy has no flashlight? (It was pitch black) that night. And yeah his dog can see me, but he can't and hmm ... his dog seems to listen to him?

She was right and she did manage to get a quick nip in on right and that was good enough! She then escaped back from where she came! I found out later "She," was an ex Drug Detection Dog, from Mexico and ... a Female WL GSD!" She used her buddies to distract me and she slipped out the gate! Rocky saw her trying to get to him from the rear, so she went "F," that ...he now behind that guy and he can't see? I think I can just get pass him and get in a quick nip?

She had it all figured out. Pass My Walking Stick, brushed my thigh got in a quick nip and then go tout of dodge ie ... he knows where I am now, so I am outta here!

I never saw her cause my attention was pretty focused on the Irish Wolfing Hound looking dog behind the fence! It ticked me off ... but yeah quite an impressive "Operation!" On her part!

Male GSD's and likely Boxer's also? Are much more handler dependent ... as long as there "Handler," is up right and functional, they are like, tell me what to do and I'll do it!

It's pretty cool ready but for GSD's I'll stick with the Boy's. For Boxer's I do "prefer the girl's." but I guess that choice is off the table for me. :(
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I have had a series of bad neighbors in the house next to me that was being used for a rental (thank goodness I think) it’s been remodeled and sold it’s under contract now hoping for good neighbors now, but one family had two female dogs one was a Chow and the other Pitbull I have never seen fighting like that it was horrible I went round and round with those idiots to keep those dogs separated or rehome one of them horrible injuries to both dogs it was a nightmare living next to them and very stressful, Animal control would do nothing either about it.
It is really hard to try and help people in real life? People that ask for help online tend to realize, that they have a "problem?" And they are searching for help.

Working with, dog's is a lot more simple than it is working with people? Generally speaking "JQP," has no idea that "sometimes," combining dog one with dog two? Can blow up in there face? One day "Out of the Blue??" All He$$, Breaks lose?? The owners are basically shell shocked? They have no idea what is going on, or how they can fix it?

They are overwhelmed, they have no idea what is going on? And how they can make it better? And, depending on the level of skill of the individual? Dog's go to the Vet and owner's go to the ER! If your half way "good enough?" And it get's really bad ... well your dog's are fine and you go to the ER! Now ... I count that as a win myself. But hey that is me. And when I had my "issues," with "Rocky," my first WL GSD and Gunther my "Band Dawg," Rocky would always launch and attack on Gunther .... seemingly out of the blue??

My dog's were always fine, ...but I landed in the ER; for stitches ... (that was Rocky and a serious mistake on part!) But I knew "something was seriously wrong here and I looked for solutions?

Well there is more to that story but my point is ... "That owner (although, I do not know them?) was over whelmed? She had no idea what what was going on or how to fix it? You were basically, telling her to separate the dog's, ie Crate and Rotate, which would be the answer. But she was in shock, and her dog's were hurt and most likely, if she "tried," to separate them ... so was she? So what ever you were telling her ... she could not comprehend it?

Some people that struggle with dog issues? That they have never seen or heard of? Don't belive that there is anything that can be done? So there is that.
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All that to say… don’t do it if you have the choice! We spent many days crying, trying to decide whether to rehome the boxer because she hadn’t been with us as long as the frenchie. We are stubborn and I am a stay at home mom so I was able to make it work, but it caused SO much emotional stress, marital stress, and our poor kids were afraid our dogs would kill each other.
Well welcome aboard and thank you for sharing. And I am so sorry you had and your family had so much trauma to endure!

Watching, your dogs trying to kill each other ... is hard enough on adults! I can't imagine what seeing that would be like to kids??? And yes, "don't do it if you have a choice!" Are truly wise words!

I know what it is like to live in a "War Zone," and feel like your living with a ticking time bomb! It's pretty stressful ... that was my (first Working Line GSD) and my Band Dogge! And the GSD .... always started it! The dogs were fine and I went to the ER for stitches! And funny enough we had a GSD member that had no issues with her GSD. She was always, telling us about her Frencnhie and who it had "went after lately??"

They look sooo cute, that you would never think they could be an issue?? She never really discussed any GSD "issues?" Which was kinda rare but her Frencnhie, was a real A-Hole! He would go after "People!" Apparently all the freaking time!

So yeah ... But back on point, two females, yeah I know. And I alos know that if there were any "issues," it would mean Crate and Rotate if I wanted to keep both dog's, in my home? And I am not really willing to do that, by making actitive choice to go out of way to bring a "Boxer Girl Home." But hey if I "happen to rescue," one on may own .... that's a bit diffrent! But in NV ... "Boxers are kinda rare?" Crap happens and Boxers are here, I know and have a few. But they are not very common.
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I have had a series of bad neighbors in the house next to me that was being used for a rental (thank goodness I think) it’s been remodeled and sold it’s under contract now hoping for good neighbors now, but one family had two female dogs one was a Chow and the other Pitbull I have never seen fighting like that it was horrible I went round and round with those idiots to keep those dogs separated or rehome one of them horrible injuries to both dogs it was a nightmare living next to them and very stressful, Animal control would do nothing either about it.
Training/reaching people is a lot harder than just "training a dog." Actual Dog Trainers, know as much about people as they do dog's.

Owners that find themselves in the midst of "combating dogs?" Generally speaking they are "Shell Shocked," and have no idea ... what is going on and how to stop it??

And yes a female Chow and a female Pit Bull??? Would be a match made in HE$$! No one in there right mind would even try that? And at the first sign, that this is not working?? "Crate and Rotate," ... and I'll figure it out? But JQP ... does not what Crate and Rotate is? There dog's are crazy and getting hurt and if they step in the middle, they get hurt to! They don't know "what is going on, what to do about it and they are in shock??"

Helping someone ... under those conditions ... would be really hard. If people don't reach out for help? You can't help them! People struggling with serious dog issues? Tend to try what they can, but tend to not believe ... there is nothing and no one that can help??

I have had two 'fails," with owners in the real world. A seriously dog aggressive Pit and a Mid Night Walker of a Shar Pei. I gave them my number and told them stuff ... but I never heard from them sooo ...

But on the other hand on Germansheaprdforum ... several years ago? I got a pm from a friend on GSDForum, early in the morning asking for my help on a GSD in serious trouble! The issue was a "Female WL GSD," that was overly protective! The owner was also a Female and the issue was ... the dog would not allow .... anyone near here ... at all, period end of story??

The other interesting part is that my friend that pm'd me was MAWL, (Mine Are Working Line) and she was (apparently a K9 Trainer,) and she has Five GSD's! Four WL and one West German Show line!

LOL ... "why pm me??" By then my issues and well success, with my One WL GSD, were well known? And I don't do PPD, Mondo Ring,or IPO or K9's! I only do "pet's and well make them safe to be around people .... and even at that "not necessarily people friendly, but at least ... people safe! Rocky did not toddlers but he would not attack them either! (Uh that was proven in a "Crap Happens situation, another story.)

Anyway, the kicker was ... the Dog was due to be put down that day at 4:30! Are you kidding me?? Anyway whatever I'll do what I do ... it was a long thread and of course "Place and Sit on the Down, and Walks with rules, and "who Pet's my puppy or dog, uh ... no one for the most part on walks.

We heard nothing from her for month's? And then one day she comes back and post a picture ... Ok she left out a lot of detail's! She did not have just the one Dog the WL GSD (That was the issue) but four dog's? And not just dog's ... but also a Chi and not one but two Cane Corso's! She posted a pic with all the dog's in place and chewing on bones! I was freaking stunned!

The CC's did not give her any grief but the WL GSD, did ... uh wow! But just saying ... you can only help people ... if they want help and are willing to reach out! :)
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