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My personal opinion is that it will be difficult even after training to have two females get along in the same house. I don't think they know they are littler mates and by separating them for a few months they will forget each other and be friends again. We have new neighbors and they have two females, they do not get along either. They told me they bred , a few times, thinking that would help. Of course it did not and they are poorly bred non tested boxers to begin with. They now spayed and they keep them separated at all times. They use baby gates to keep one on one side of the house and alternate, same with going outside, they go out at different times. Now two neutered males usually are fine together.
The OP's question is "slightly different??" Now granted the situation is "Absolutely the Worst of the Worst!" And yeah granted the best situation is with two neutered males but hey switch up breeds and you can mess that one up also?? :(

But they did ask ... "find a trainer??" Not really my thing?? In the home "Dog on Dog," is pretty much the worst situation a homeowner can face! Been there done that got the stitches! But ... they are actually asking about finding a trainer to help them??

I am not a pro myself and I earned my "stitches the hard way!" But ton's of owner's have thrown cash down the toilet with "Trainers" that claim (they) and "Board and Train," will fix their issues??

Op is looking for help ... and had questions about "finding a trainer? Back in the da, hmm 14 years ago?? I did not know the "difference," between a Dog Trainer and a Dog Behaviorist?? Well today I do and it turns out I am more of a "Behaviorist," than I am a "Dog Trainer??" ANd if I don't have a Dog with any "seriousist," behavioural issue's (Pack fight's and wanting to kill people and stuff??")

Yeah I'm not that good??? But I digress ... now a day's I note "what to look for in a trainer!" ANd at the minimum any competent qualified trainer, would train the "Place Command!"

That is "apparently??" Just a given?? If a trainer, does not train "Place," or even knows what that is ... I would not bother with them! And while your friends are "successfully their battling girl's." I'm pretty sure neither dog know's the "Place Command??"

And even my Bella ...sigh A-Hole that she can be know's "Place!" And since I already a thread on "Place," thankfully, I won't go into more detail. :)

But when "finding a trainer??" And if a "Trainer," does say ... they deal with "Dog Aggression??" Then most likely they don't?? Occasionally getting the crap bit out of you, is not everyone's cup of tea?? Now "Boxer specific" ... the only trainer I am aware of that has at least seen (two female Boxer Crap) is on here?? And that would BTE2!

And well "back in the day, online," I could be a real A-Hole! If you look up chip18 Germanshepardforum and Aggression ... you can see my work! :)

But hey in my defense ... most "Pro's," don't do Dog Forum's, cuz you know everybody is an expert?? So as far as I knew ... he was just JQP and he had his opinion and I had mine?? But and it was a few year's ago ... he stopped my rampaging cold with one question!

He asked me if "I," thought that Female on Female Aggression could not be fixed?? No one had ever asked me that before?? And it took me a few day's to reply. And when I did ... I had to acknowledge, that well ... "yes," .. and while I don't know how exactly?? I did "acknowledge," that female/female Boxer Aggression could be solved, because that is apparently ... that is what he does also??

As he is "apparently" the Boxer Guy?? But he does not show his work??? Youtube ... and the only thing I "know," is that he is Tennessee? And again many years ago he had said, he been working with 80 Boxers!!!

The OP does not show their location?? So you know it's hard to make recommendation??. But a lot of the "Pro's," have local connections.

And they know trainer's that they can recommend across the Nation.

Jeff Gellman ... pretty much seems to know everyone around the World! And I know he can recommend local trainers for others because I have asked him for local recommendations for other's. :)

But these days ... I tend to favor Larry Khron (also in Tennessee) and mostly because with my work with Rocky ... I seemed to work just like he does ??

And here is a lecture he did on Dog on Dog Aggression.

Bottom line all problems ... "Start at home and how the dog lives with you!

And of course in New York ... there is Tylor Muto
Not a dog's living in the same home issue but yeah ... Shelly is one of the worst of the worst!
: Tyler Muto

And there is also the "Good Dog Guy," and he has locations in LA and New Orleans and again not dog on dog but a real deal I will mess you up ... meet Gus! :

Now all those guy's deal with Dog Aggression, as a general rule! ANd they have dealt also with Dog on Dog. I have no idea where they are but I know that if the OP tell's them "they heard
on Boxerforum, they are pretty good?? Do they know any local trainer's
that could help them with there dog's issues ... they would be willing to help!

And as for me sigh ... I just know what has gone wrong??

First hand knowledge to start. And I would say as far as Structure/Rules and Limitations go ... Boxer owner's are the worst of the worst??? Our dog's pretty much get away with uh ... whatever they want?? And most of the time ... that's just fine! :)

But sometimes under some conditions ... not so much?? And sigh ... all one has to do watch. And I will guarantee you, that everytime, you see two housemates ... you will find.

The Dog's sleep in the owner's bed.
The Dog's get on the furniture
And the Dogs free roam indoors!

Everytime there is a conflict ... those three factors are in play! And any trainer that can "actually,"
help an owner would say ... "that crap need's to change!"

Jeff Gellman for one ... won't accept clients, that refuse to crate train their dog!

At any rate the folks you speak off are doing the best they can ... with what they know "now??"That would not work for me?? Dog's don't have any requirements to like "each other?But in "my house," I expect my "dog's to be together??

And for me ... all my dog's are trained in "Place," and if I had an "issue," they would no longer "Free Roam," indoors'. If they have "issue's, they'd be in "Place," indoors PERIOD! And if they "broke Place?? Indoor's ... I'd be all over them!!! They would know ... what they did "Wrong!" You don't freaking break place!!! Why would not matter!

Live and learn I never did with Rocky, and Gunther took the burnt of my mistakes and I ... went to the ER for stitches! Live and learn I suppose???

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I have a 10 year old female.
I've read what the rescue recommends, but I am looking for other owners that have experience with two females, good or bad. This would be a docile and fixed 5 year old introduced to a 8 wk old female. I know many people on here have multiple Boxers, so surely there are stories of either good or bad same-sex pairings. Thanks in advance!
Sweetest thing and mothers everything, including letting kittens try to nurse. She would try to mother the tiny chicks too. I bought a female puppy and she was great with her, no problems....until the puppy got about a year old. Now they can't be in the same space at all or someone gets bloody!!

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There are people who have kept two females successfully but I’m afraid the far more usual thing is fighting so I would not recommend trying it I’m sure it’s not easy to rehome a dog you already love because of fighting, my female dogs have always had friends that were also female boxers but they did not live together and that’s the difference. My current female is the sweetest girl in the world great with other dogs but she is undoubtably the boss over her half brother who weighs about 20lbs more than she does but we have no fighting at all.

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Sigh and that is the problem, Sexual Maturity and Genetics. And layer on top of that "Females," in conflict will scare the living crap out of you! It's inter female aggression and "Boxer's" are the "Worst of the Worst!" And by and large no one believes that (there baby girl could not go Berserk?) because they have never seen it?

But I managed to "invoke," Berserker Mode, in my "Baby Girl," over Baby Kittens being born, and she took exception, to my "Bands Dawg's," lack of respect, for the process and she made her objections known! It was all I could do to get "One," dog under control, much less two dog's ... that were trying to "kill," each other!

It's not good! The best advice would be to "Rehome," the new comer? Short of that would be more of a "lifestyle change for you and the dogs?" At home anyway, cuz most likely that is where the "issues," tend to happen?

No "Free Roaming in the house," No up on the furniture, and certainly no sleeping in your bed." Now that is just some of the basic, "I have a dog with issues, stuff." But with two girl's I don't know if it would matter? And I would have to add that clause to my favorite "I have a dog with issues, techniques," The Place Command and Sit of the Dog.

I will say doing and training those could not hurt? But with this (situation) ... I don't know if they would help either? But will work, would be to keep them apart ie Crate and Rotate.

If you want to keep both "anyway?" That is the only way (with constant, vigilance still) that you can "Guarantee, You Won't Have Another Fight."

It's a tough spot to be in, it's like living with a ticking time bomb. What will set them off? I'm sorry this is happening for you guys. :(

So that is the best "Reasonable Advise," that anyone can do. But ... as it happens, I do know of at least "One Trainer," that can help ... with this specific issue. And most likely it would be a "Board and Train?" He is or at least was on here. BTE2 I have no contact info and I don't know if he still post? But he does a board and train and last I heard he was in Tennessee?

I know he has seen this before and at the minimum he has worked with hundreds of Boxer's? If this is an "issue?" That can be fixed ... he would be "The Guy." Now in theory, l could do it? But "Talk is cheap," I'll take a "Human Aggressive/Pack Fighting A-Hole of a Working Line GSD ... anyday over, Two Ticked Off Female Boxer's that want to kill each other!

The first I have done, the second is just a theory, on my part. Good luck with your choice in anycase and sorry this is happening. :(
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