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2 females?

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I have 2 boxers already, 1 male 1 female.  Well, I've been thinking of adding another to my clan for some time now...a brindle.  I'm going to look at some on Wednesday and they are all females.  I wanted a male cus I heard 2 females wouldn't be a good idea.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Anyone with 2 females that can give some advice?  I'd really appreciate it!

I haven't been on in a while but I'm back and want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <:p
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happy new year! i also heard two females was harder than two males. I have a male and was just recently questioning whether adding another male would even be possible. I know some people have two females on the forum. Andrea has reese and savannah so im sure she or someone else will be able to help you. Wow adding a third huh...youre brave. Hope everything works out for you and happy new year.
Welcome back!!! Most rescues won't let you adopt a female if you already have one, there is a potential for some rather vicious fights..Having said that, it doesn't always happen, Andrea's 2 girls seem to get along great and there are others that have 2 females that could probably give you some good advice....Good luck & keep us posted on what happens
I had two females together until Cancer took Dixie.
They were together for 7 years and were best friends!

The Vet I worked for advised people to slowly introduce and be sure to spay both females when age appropriate.

I never had any problems with Dixie and Brittany being together. They absolutely loved each other.
It has been almost two years since Dixie died and its still easy to see that Brittany still misses her.

I will be getting Izzy (female) in two days. I plan to slowly introduce them and hopefully they will become friends too.
All 3 of mine are females and they get along just fine.
Both my male and female are fixed.  I would get the next one fixed also.  How do I slowly introduce them?  We will go look at her tomorrow.  If I love her I wanna bring her home.  Can't imagine not falling in love!  LOL!  Thanks for all the advice.
We started out with two females and they never fought over anything, got along just great.  They both knew Calli our oldest and biggest was boss and Berk was okay with that so no problems.  Then we got Teaki and that changed things.  They all knew that Calli was boss and left her alone but the other two (Teak and Berk) would get into it sometimes I think over who was second in charge!   They never went after Calli or tried to get into a fight with her.  Our age differences could have had something to do with it too.  Calli was almost 6 or just 6 years when we got Berk who was between 12-18 months they didn't know for sure on her because she was a rescue.  Calli was almost 10 and Berk was around 4 when we got Teaki as a puppy.

We had three females and for the most part they got along great and loved playing, sleeping and even eating together.  They never fought over food, toys or mats.  The thing that they fought over was bones, UPS man, and usually other wild/domestic animals they could see from the house.   We always put out one extra bone when we gave them each one so there was that extra one laying there, of course out of the 4 bones there was ALWAYS the special bone and before it was done all of the bones had been switched around until everyone had the one they wanted.  We never left them unsupervised with bones and knew when one was having issues to make sure we removed the bones or separted the dogs with them.  When they got into fights because of the other animals outside or the UPS man it was more like they got mad because they couldn't go out and see them so they took it out on each other.  There were some really bad fights with lots of blood between our youngest two females but they were always best buddies afterward and acted like nothing happened, lots of kisses given to each other after a fight.   We did notice that Teaki was the instigator in most of the fights of course after the fight started neither one of them would ever back down, we had to physically pull them apart or use a chair to try to separate them.  There was always cuts and bites and lots of blood.  It is scary seeing them fight like that, when they are so loving to each other the rest of the time.

We now have Teaki and Zig.  After we lost Calli and Berk my husband said we were getting a male only for our next boxer.  Zig is now the aggressor and boss.  Of course he is almost twice the size of Teaki so that could have something to do with it.   8O   We had several fights with them over food all started by Ziggi.  He is only aggessive over food.
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as willow said i have two females and they get along great together. I do believe that most rescues though wont place a female with another female.  My girls sleep together, eat together, and are constantly with each other11 They have never once fought or anything. The only time a growl was even done was when Savannah was establishing the she is over Reese when reese first came home. And that wasnt even really a growl....kind of like a rumble. no other form of dominance has come into play between the girls
Well IMO I would go with a male. You all know what I have been going through with Zoie and Zora. I cant say for sure if its the female/female thing but I wouldnt take any chances. We have had NO trouble with Gunner our boy and the girls...

Good Luck  :)
[quote="Leanne\";p=\"63167":1a49f53t]Well IMO I would go with a male. You all know what I have been going through with Zoie and Zora. I cant say for sure if its the female/female thing but I wouldnt take any chances. We have had NO trouble with Gunner our boy and the girls...

Good Luck
I'm not going through rescue.  She's a 13 week old puppy.  I don't know if that makes a difference.
Hi Trish!

What I do when it comes to introducing dogs 'slowly' this is what I do and will be doing with Brittany and Izzy when Izzy comes home tomorrow.

Brittany's domain is the kitchen. That is where her bed is and where she hangs out most of the time. That is also where my computer is, so she likes to lay under my desk when I am using the computer.
Several days ago...I put a new kennel crate in the kitchen so Brittany would get used to seeing it there.
(She checked it out when I first put it in the its like another piece of furniture to her)
When Izzy comes home she will initially be crated a great deal of the time (good for house breaking also). Brittany will have a chance to get used to having Izzy in the same room by crating Izzy. When Brittany seems receptive to having Izzy there, then I will let Izzy out of the crate to spend time with Brittany for short periods of time (supervised). And if all goes well, then I will continue to increase the amount of time they spend together outside the crate little by little (In the meantime...hopefully Izzy will get some housebreaking  :) )

Hope you get your new baby!!
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Thanks Jeanne and everyone else who gave advice.  I will be going to see the puppies in about an hour so if I love one I'll be bringing one home.  I'll keep you posted.
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