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2 Harnesses... :oops:

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When we brought White Dog home we were told that he needed his harness because he knows how to get out of regular collars... Okay no problem, no sense in changing that anyways... two weeks in and he chewed right through it when he was laying on the floor one day... Okay maybe it was too loose and he needed a different kind (it was a really weird one that I had never seen before) So we bought a new one that was tight fitting and looked really good on him, that worked for about a week... :roll: Somehow he managed to chew that one off too. I have to keep  something I can hook a leash to on him at all times that way I can take him out quickly without hassle because he is a runner. The minute you come at him with the leash to take him outside he bolts in the other direction. So we spent about $15 dollars on the harness and then had to spend another ten dollars on .... a choke chain.. and I hate to put it on him because I feel bad but I just dont know what other direction to go with this. I cant keep replacing them, they can be quite costly. Any ideas?
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A prong collar or illusion collar may work better becasue it controls more of the head of the dog and would be hard to chew through.

Also, when introducing the collar to him try to offer him a treat as well. Some older dogs are very skidish of collars if they have had a bad experince with them and that means they just bolt. Not fun at all being the handler in these situations. As soon as they run and you chase they are playing a game out of it and it reinforces this behaviour. So, best not to chase if she decides to bolt in the house. Try to give her a treat if she comes to you. That way it reinforces her coming to you.  

You mentioned the harness being chewed through that must meam we are talking about an older dog with some jaw power - if so, I think a harness is the last thing you want to use. They can use all their strength to drag you around when wearing a harness. The two collars mentioned above will be more difficult. Also, you might just leave a short leash on her all the time in the house until she is better trained.
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if you want to keep using a harness you could spray soak it in bitter apple so he doesnt like chewing it.
A martingale collar made by Lupine.  He cannot slip out of it and you could leave it on him the whole time.  They guarantee their products for life, even against chewing, and will replace them free. It is a proven fact as a friend of mine's dog chews collars and he chewed his Lupine and they sent a replacement no questions asked.  I would never leave a harness on a dog full time.  You could try the bitter apple but has never worked for me.  Soak it in THE HOTTEST HOT SAUCE available until he quits chewing.  I would also recommend doing basic obedience work with him.  A lot of sits.  50 per day and every time he is to go outside a sit and remain sitting tell you release him.  

I don't recommend prong or other gadgets for my private dog training clients.  You cannot leave these things on a dog.  There is no easy fix for problems, just work on obedience.  The martingale is the collar you want.

Sadie can get out of normal collars too, so she has a martingale now and it's great! Ditto to what Brittneysdad said about offering a treat when/as you put the collar on...we did this with introducing Sadie's winter coat and now no problems getting it on and keeping it on! Check out Shakadoghawaii for martingales, very reasonable prices and great quality product.
This is for white dog, he is deaf... training situations arent the same and I would really rather not give him the chance to get loose from me considering he doesnt know any recall and he cant hear me calling for him. Also he is still pretty new to us and not really all that old. I will look in to the collar that Nano suggested. Thank you for your responses.
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