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2 pea-sized lumps under her skin

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I am freaked out!  I took Maguiness to the vet to catch up on vaccinations and the vet found a lump on her side.   I noticed it a few days before but I thought that it was a bug bite and didn't think much of it.  She said to watch it and call her back in 2 week to let her know if it has changed.  When I got home I found another one on her leg!   Same size.  Doesn't hurt her if I touch it.  It will be 2 weeks Saturday and they are still there, unchanged.  I am calling the vet  in the morning but in the meantime,   I have read about what these may be and I am really scared.  I know they can be common in boxers but when it's your baby it feels anything but common.  Anyone been through this and what do should I expect when I call the vet?
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I wouldn't be overly alarmed.  More often than not these things turn out to be nothing to worry about.  As you know, with Boxers any lumps, bumps or growths do need to be watched.  Sounds like your vet is on the ball in finding the first one.  I would just be guided by the advice of your vet and try not to worry too much.  

Sending positive thoughts and best wishes to you and your baby.
It's always good to get a professional opinion, and we're here with you and let us know what you find out.  Even bug bites take a while to go away or bumps and lumps.  Keep us posted so we can send you lots of positive thoughts.
Yep....keep an eye on it but dont get to upset yet....It is something that could be nothing at all.....keep a watchful eye... And sending some healing and lump going away vibes your way......
Like everyone else has said before me, keep an eye on it and try not to get too freaked out about it. Hopefully it will go away on it's own. Our boxers are known for their lumps and bumps. They are worrysome though, I know I've been through it also.  :wink:
Thanks for your support and your sweet thoughts.  I have to say that "sending some healing and lump going away vibes your way...... " was silly enough to get me laughing!  Thanks, SharonL.  I will keep you guys posted.
I know how you feel...I was really worried when Jackson had a big lump on his back...but, it turned out to be a fatty tumor and no bid deal...hang in there!
Not sure how old your baby is but all of ours (well Ziggi hasn't yet but he is young) have had lumps.  The vet has always watched them and none of them were anything bad.  Some were from old age, etc.  Our vet said they are very common in boxers and the main thing is to watch for changes in them.  They also get skin tags.
Bella had 2 lumps removed prior to coming to us.  A few weeks ago I noticed another bump but it went away in a few days.  try not to worry too muck.
Maguiness will be four yrs. old in October.  She's still a youngin'.  These are the 1st 2 lumps I have ever found on her.  Sounds like you all have had to deal with this at some point.  The lil lumps have not change at all in the last 11 days.  I will follow up on Friday with the vet and see what she has to say.  The good thing is that she is acting like her crazy self and that always lifts my spirit.  She is such a little blessing to me.  She was actually born the day after my hubby's boxer passed away.  Weird, huh?  She was a valentine's day surprise to me!  She had a red ballon tied around her and she bounced through the door.  (Off subject, but I just thought I would share)  We thank you again for the good vibes.
Its hard not to worry but if your vet was really concerned when the lump was found I am sure they would have wanted to do tests then.  So hopefully they will go away before the two weeks are up.  Let us know how things go.
Tons of good vibes coming your way from Chloe and I.. I know how scared you are right now because I just went thru it with Chloe but keep thinking positive. Please keep us posted.
They are both still there.  Unchanged, but still there.   :(   I put a call in for the vet today.  Just waiting for her to call....
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