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I hope it's okay to post this and that it's in the correct place.

A friend of mine purchased a male pitbull/lab mix from a litter two years ago, neighbors of hers got a male also.  She sent me an email reguarding the male that her neighbors have.  I guess they don't take care of him at all, she often finds him roaming the neighborhood so she called animal control and got someone to come down to the house so at least now they keep him tied up.  She doesn't believe he's ever been to a vet, but she's not sure.  She said he's the most loveable, friendly and all around good dog that she's ever met.  He craves loving attention and just doesn't get it from this family.  She found out last week that they're moving and don't want to take the dog.  Needless to say she was very excited and is now trying to find him a good home.  My father was thinking about taking him because he also has a male from the same litter, but decided that two dogs would be too much right now.  My cousin has one of this dogs brothers from the same litter and if my cousins dog is any idication to this dogs temperment...he'll be a big lovebug!  Lola always plays with my cousins dog and he is very good with her.

So I figured I'd write on here and see if anyone was interested in adding another pup to their family or if anyone knows of anyone that is interested.  She's really looking for a good home, someone that's familiar with the breed (he looks more lab than pit) and is willing to do some training with him and give him lots of love and playtime.  I'm nervous because these people sound like the type to just up and move and leave him there.  I'm also looking into pit rescue places so if you know of any please let me know.  

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