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2013 Christmas Card Exchange!!!

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For whoever is interested please PM me your name and address and once the deadline hits I will compile a list and PM it to the people ON the list. The deadline for sign ups will be Oct 31st. And I ask that cards be mailed out by Dec 1st so people participating overseas get theirs on time.

If you are participating please know that you send cards to everybody on the list, no picking and choosing names :) It's only fair.

Get snapping those pictures for Christmas Cards :camera: :clap:
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Here we go again!! :clap:

I love doing this :) last year I think we had nearly 50 members participate!

Get those cameras ready and have fun! I love seeing all of your dogs and families :)
I think it will be neat to see the owners that I hAve been talking to for months!

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Me and Wyatt are so ready this year! All the pics I've taken in the last year are amazing! Might have to to a double sided card this year!

Do you also want us to post our user name as well? I think last year that's what we did!

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I'm in :)
Love this! We're in!
Count me in. PM sent. :)
12 people already!
We're in!! PM Sent!! :)
14 People! woohoo
Hey - I jsut sent in my PM - count me in - it was so much fun last year!!! whoo hoo
I'm in. Maybe it'll help me get into the Christmas spirit this year! :)
This is awesome! Almost up to 20 people in a half a day! Keep them comin'!
Bumping this so we can possibly get more to join! :)

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Come on folks, don't you want to receive lots of Boxer related cards?

You gotta send 'em to get 'em.
How do you make the cards? On your own or do you but a card and just add pics of our dog(s)? Thanks!

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