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5 Common Dog Illnesses that can are impacted by poor nutrition which is why High Quality feed and treats are important.

Obesity - Even worse, dogs affected by obesity are more prone to arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), decreased life expectancy is also linked to obesity in pets. Lower calorie healthy all natural treats are a better option than over processed, high calorie, artificial colors, and additives are better for your dog. That is where IABL Kennel Treats come can help to supplement your dogs diet.

Pancreatitis - develops when the pancreas becomes inflamed, causing the flow of digestive enzymes to be released into the abdominal area. If this occurs, the digestive enzymes will begin to break down fat and proteins in the other organs, as well as in the pancreas.
"In dogs, dietary fat is known to be associated with the development of pancreatitis and can stimulate the secretion of a hormone that induces the pancreas to secrete its digestive hormones," says Jennifer Coates, DVM. That is why IABL Kennel Treats are made with menstruated fats like Olive Oil which helps in digestion, coat, and skin.

Bladder Stones - All bladder stone are not created equal. They can be composed of different types of minerals and other substances. For example, calcium oxalate bladder stones are primarily composed of calcium while struvites are primarily composed of magnesium and phosphates (phosphorus). Bladder stones may start out small, but over time can grow in number and/or size, causing issues such as urinary accidents, discolored urine, and urination straining.
Even if your dog isn't currently suffering from bladder stones, he or she may benefit from a diet that is lower in calcium and phosphorus. Your veterinarian will know what's best for your dog's situation. Although both calcium and phosphorus are beneficial in low doses high concentration can cause problems. That is why both calcium and phosphorus are in very low amounts in IABL Kennel Treats.

Heart Disease - Dogs often have issues with heart disease like we do, especially if their diet isn't properly balanced. One key factor to heart disease in dogs is their sodium (salt) intake. "Increased sodium in the diet causes increased levels of sodium circulating in the blood," says Ken Tudor, DVM. "These elevated levels of sodium cause water retention in the blood vessels and elevated blood pressure. As blood pressure increases the diseased heart must continue to enlarge to overcome the increased pressure in order to pump blood from the ventricles."
Are you feeding your dog table scraps? Is your dog's current food too high in sodium? Talk to your veterinarian about these things and how your dog may benefit from a healthy diet that is lower in sodium. IABL Kennel dog treats do have a small amount of natural sea salt in them but not enough to cause a high sodium level when a dog is on healthy food and proper portion control. Sea salt also contains many healthy trace elements.

Diarrhea - For large bowel diarrhea, says Dr. Coates "a high fiber diet has been shown to be beneficial. Ideally, both soluble fiber (the type colonic bacteria use for food) and insoluble (indigestible) fiber should be included." For small bowel diarrhea, Dr. Coates recommends a bland, low fat, easily digested diet. That is why IABL Kennel Treats are made with Whole Grain Brown Rice and Sweet Potatoes which are excellent sources of dietary fiber.

IABL Kennel Treats are made with Human-Grade quality food vs Feed-Grade ingredients are lower quality and can be located on Amazon at
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