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Talos officially turned 9 months old on Thanksgiving day. He's such a happy boy. When mom comes home from work and he's out in the yard he bounces and twists around much like a bucking bronco in the rodeo. It makes me giggle every time.

We started a new one on one training course as of last Saturday. So far I'm really liking where this is going. I was fearful of a prong collar but the trainers showed us how to properly put it on and how to do soft corrections (so far). The difference is amazing!! We can walk around the block with ease. Unless the neighbors scotty is in the yard or one of the neighborhood cats is roaming the alley. Then he could care less about that prong. But it's still progress. I'll take it.

At his last vet visit we got a clean bill of health. As most of you know we fought a nasty bought of pneumonia but we're all clear now.

We're not getting into as many of the "NO" things as we once were. Like chewing up mail, running off with things left where he can reach them.

Talos did destroy his first shoe and ate the hand off of his favorite toy Mr. Bill. That made him sick for a day but nothing serious. He hasn't tried to remove any other limbs from the toy since.

Tonight he is going for a play date. We found out a friend of my husbands has a boxer/pitt mix named Bella with a big fenced in yard. She's 6 years old and has invited Talos to come visit. We've been avoiding things like doggy day care, etc.. since his illness but want to make sure he still keeps some social skills when meeting new friends. I'll let you all know how it goes!


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